Just been reading one of Wensley Clarkson’s potboiler biogs of london gangsters -‘BILLY HILL – GODFATHER OF LONDON’. Hill and Spot were the top men in pre-Kray days. Hill had an incredible history of crime pulling off over three hundred armed robberies and averaging three smash’n grabs a weekof jewellers around Bond street. There were of course lotsof rival gangs – the Italian Sabinis, the Maltese and at one point in 1951 Hill thought things were getting out of hand so called a WARRIORS style meeting. He picked up the leader of the Randall gang from west london in the WARWICK CASTLE no less while Spot picked up the SABINIS (ruling the roost since 1919) and drove them to an east end boozer where Hill had over 200 tooled up men of his own waiting!! Peace was restored but not before the  randalls and sabinis shouted ‘drinks all round’. Some bar tab. Clarkson admiringly describes the occasion as ‘the biggest ever gathering of criminals under one roof outside of Dartmoor’.


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  1. Lonestar

    Why does anyone read about the criminal underclass or their so called
    ‘daring exploits’ are we condoning the exploitation of the working/unemployed class? Because these leeches fed of us most of the time in cities up and down the land ! Years ago overby there was a way we dealt with enemies of the working class!


      …and Ronnie Kray was up to his balls in the political establishment- Lord Boothby and Tom Driberg MP…seems he almost covered the whole parliamentary spectrum- so perhaps he was a liberal…

  2. Ray

    Great stuff! Billy Hill and Jack Spot continued their careers well into the fifties. To get a real flavour of post-war Soho check out Up West by Pip Granger who was brought up with all the noted faces and who’s dad was smuggling fags, booze and dirty books for sale in Soho. Some good stories about my own personal hero Bert Assirati as well.


    OT, sort of-
    ‘Police officers to be balloted on right to strike
    Police Federation also plans protest march in London over what it calls an ‘unprecedented attack on policing by this government’ ‘

    Haha- hows that for shits and giggles, might turn out to be quite an interesting year…

  4. Lonestar

    Yeah be glad to support the filth in their strtggle for more perks to incentivize them to kick us more ! Ha ! The peoples army has to rise up in armed rebellion and their has to be a war on many fronts against the capitalist & their imperialist masters the middle classes will suffer more as their paymasters sacrifice them first to keep us from them in order for them to organise the slaughter of the revolutionary armed working class! The first move in our cause should be the immediate removal of the

  5. Conan the Librarian

    I would like to wholeheartedly support a total withdrawal of labour by the constabulary and trust that the strike lasts forever.

  6. Anonymous

    Quote: It’s not some awful ‘Isn’t crime great?’ effort,

  7. The one and only Vassilis Paleokostas is still the man for me though ;-)

  8. John Serpico

    That’s odd. I was talking to a friend just last week about Maltese Joe. He used to play pool with him in pubs in London. Joe’s name is only in the heading of the above article. Is it the same Maltese Joe who was the pool player? There are clips of him playing on You Tube. Quite a character by all accounts.

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