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Class War?…no joke the Class War was started by, and is being perpetuated by those that have, not those who have not. It is the attempted maintenance of a hereditary superiority system that lies at the root of social, political, economic and moral problems. There are few in the (dis)UK that would support the caste system elsewhere in the world, yet seem unable to grasp the fact that the (dis)UK maintains one of the most unequal, and least mobile societies in the world. The Class War party says enough is enough, it’s time to put an end to an outdated and morally untenable prejudiced society based on who knocked up who.

So, away with the monarchy, away with unelected law makers, away with hereditary privilege and excessive inherited wealth, and away with the lapdogs and lackeys that grow fat on the not insignificant scraps from their tables.

It is time to think differently, to design, develop and implement a society based on a balance of positive attributes…of skills, education and abilities, one which rewards contributions to the betterment of that society, while not penalising those that, for whatever reason, are not able to contribute as much, rather than maintaining a society founded on base instincts of greed and aggression.

Unfortunately it is not in the interests of the majority of those who hold power, be it in the form of land, wealth, religious, etc to abdicate quietly…but they have a chance. A vote for Class War is a vote for a complete rejection of current inequality and ideologies. We do not have the answers, rather the knowledge that tinkering with the current system will not provide the answers…a bit more or bit less austerity, oppression, fear, bribery, corruption will not serve any but the privileged few…time for a complete change…

A vote for Class War will not elect a Class War government, such a position is a logical impossibility. What it will do is make sure that your objection to the current sorry state is registered. For too long many non-voters have claimed they would vote if only there was a “none of the above” box…well, time to put your money where your mouth is, never was there a box more clearly saying ‘none of the above’ and to prove it, if you vote CW we will abolish the system within which the ‘above’ thrive…it will then be for us all to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

Of course there will be those that find the idea of a Class War Party participating in the General Election ludicrous, and of course I could agree…but no more ludicrous than I find trident missiles, royal sprogs, nuclear power, London supremacy, killing animals for sport, illegal wars…etc, etc…I am not standing for election because I want to be an MP, nor because I want to ‘fight’ the election (as they say). Rather because not to fight would be a dereliction of social and moral responsibility, and a tacit acceptance of a system based on fear, blame, corruption, spite and selfishness.


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New Era plan to march on Westbrook, then Downing St (to hand in their petition) on Monday.

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There is a class war waging and we are losing it. The rich are getting richer and the gilded elite who have ruled us since Norman times remain in power and dominate land ownership just as they did when they first robbed it. We live in a feudal society dominated by an oligarchy of privately and Oxbridge educated toffs who run not just the government, banks, diplomacy but the media, music. comedy and even the opposition. We see no difference between any of the parties – we oppose Tristram Hunt with the same venom we hate Zac Goldsmith. . We don’t want to kick the tories out to replace them with Labour or any variety of failed Trots. We don’t want to kick them out at all – we want to kick them in!

Started in 1982 CLASS WAR was first a combative, funny, populist anarchist newspaper then mutated into a similar political organisation. We are proud of our past. But 30 years later the same approaches do not work. Endless photos of overseas riots and balaclaved anarchists bring no movement here. The same old same old is getting us nowhere. Time to think and do the unthinkable, to cross the Rubicon.

We are standing Class War candidates in the general election on May 7th 2015. We are doing this to launch a furious and co-ordinated political offensive against the ruling class with the opportunity an election gives us to talk politics to our class. We in no way see the election as an alternative to direct action. By the brick and the ballot.

We are not talking community politics here. It’s too late for a patient slowbuild like the IWCA. The ruling class have us by the throat -they need a short sharp kick in the bollocks. Our election campaign will use any means necessary. we won’t be ushered away by PR minders – we will make ourselves central to the campaign in a funny, rumbustious combative and imaginative way. We will be on the streets and in their faces.

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Most detested obnoxious wanker in London…………MARK DONNOR of Westbrook Partners……….said today ‘ the New Era tenants will not be evicted before christmas’………….the boy’s all heart aint he just.

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The new owners of No 1 Commercial Street in Aldgate East, London have agreed to hold talks over ending the use of segregated entrances at its tower block of flats.

It comes after 19 weeks of noisy and good humoured protests by the working class action group Class War.

The move by the under-pressure owners could herald the end of separate rich and poor doors in housing developments across the capital and UK.

It follows an historic first meeting between Class War and Taylor McWilliams, the executive director of Hondo Enterprises.

Previous owners Redrow quit the development after Class War’s weekly campaign against this class apartheid in East London.

On Monday (24 November) six campaigners from Class War – which is standing candidates across London and the UK in next May’s General Election – emerged from hours of talks with McWilliams to announce a “ceasefire” in their protests.

The Class War protests take place every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm. This week’s protest is week 20 and will be the last before the ceasefire takes effect.

The protests have been fun, noisy and creative with samba bands, dancing, flares, party poppers, the occupation of the rich doors foyer and even the burning of an effigy of Mayor of London Boris Johnson on Bonfire Night.

Unfortunately that led to a police attack on the protesters and arrests.

Ian Bone, who founded Class War in the 1980s and has been at the centre of the protests, said:

“Mr McWilliams has agreed to set up a meeting of all those who have ownership or interest in some part of the building – from housing associations to Hondo – to discuss the possibility of ending this class apartheid.

“This meeting will be agreed before the end of the year. In return Class War have agreed a ceasefire in protests outside til this meeting takes place. The ceasefire starts after this Wednesday’s protest, which will be special!”

He added:

“We have won unprecedented talks that show how our determination, energy and persistence now means social segregation in entrances to accommodation in the capital and around the UK is no longer a done deal. We can stop them.”

But he warned:

“Class War will return to the protests without hesitation if this class apartheid isn’t ended.”

Last week campaigners from the New Era estate in Hoxton, East London joined Class War in a victory celebration after they forced out owner Tory MP Richard Benyon for hiking rents and threatening to evict tenants and their families.

On the same night, a resident of 1 Commercial Street who uses the rich doors came out and backed the Class War protest in a speech.

She then invited Class War protester Lisa Mckenzie to go in through the rich doors to inspect the flats.

The police barricaded the doors and only agreed to let her and the protester in after 20 minutes of tense negotiations.

Lisa Mckenzie who attended the unprecedented talks with Taylor McWilliams said:

“I feel extremely positive about the meeting. I felt that he understood that all apartheid is fundamentally wrong and on our insistence that something could be done, although he wasn’t sure what. We in Class War made it clear that both doors should be open to all residents. McWilliams was sceptical about this at first, worrying over who would pay the service charge for the concierge.

“Class War insisted he could surely work round this minor problem in the interests of equality. We agreed in return to hold a ceasefire while the other interested parties of the property held their discussion.

“In the event of Taylor McWilliams not gaining the support of these other interested parties and opening up both doors to all, then we will return.”

The Class War ceasefire begins officially after this Wednesday evening’s protest when a game of football – Christmas truce style – is played with the rich doors concierge and his staff outside the building.

The flats in 1 Commercial Street were built with two entrances. Those living in the poshest and most exclusive flats got to go in the front via the “rich doors” with a separate concierge service and separate lifts – totally segregated from those living in the social or so called affordable housing.

They have to use the “poor doors” next to the stinking bins in a narrow and unlit side street littered with broken bottles and syringes.

The use of social segregation or “class apartheid” is a growing phenomenon in developments agreed by London borough councils and local authorities around the UK.

Class War is the first group to seriously challenge this class apartheid.

It has set up a crowd funding site so supporters can help back its campaigns.



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