The continuing nightmare of Griffith john swansea

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spread It all over comrades NOW!


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November 29, 2019 · 2:57 pm


At 3am December 11th Boris will head to conservative HQ at no.4 Mathew Parker street.. this is where the real celebrations can begin. Boris will be met at the door by DOMINIC CUMINGS in a nightgown holding a rat. The realisation that they now have 5 years to put a fierce right wing libertarian model of social organisation into place can wait till morning
Donald Trump is on the phone – fuck etiquette those days are over why wait for Corbyn’s concession of defeat….the bitter party pooper Marxist slopes off to the dustbin of history.

Remember thatcher on the stairs of central office being welcomed by Tebbitt and Cecil Parkinson and whisping ‘we must do something about the inner cities’, Sending Heseltine North but alongside the developers wrecking ball.. Heseltine took community development with him but he misunderstood .She meant ‘destroy the inner cities not fund them. Erase the working class from history as well as in the longer a class which had a sense of its own interests as separate from their rulers.’She may have whispered to Norman Tebitt on the staircase ‘we are the masters now.’
Boris will envelope Carly in his folds of Tory one nationism and standing on the same stairs will echo ‘We must do something for the white working class’
there will be the clink of flutes and in the bars of Westminster as the gilded wonder which think tank they’ll wait up in in the morning. Flash of press bulbs as Boris leads a conga to Smith Square and back before bed assures us with raised outwardly facing palms



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I name the Trotskyists who have effectively killed the demonstration as a tactic for social change in the  UK. BY THE DRUDGERY OF THE TRUDGERY down Whitehall and then whisked away home on your coach before you get a pint in the Chandos.

Obssesed by their claimed world record attendence on the ANT-IRAQ WAR DEMO they later changed the record to be ‘the greatest human gathering in history’. The question of whether the march had any effect – it didn’t – was as always irelevant. They had been marched right to the top of the hill.





























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Not surprising since Labour’s manifesto is again being written by CW sympathiser Andrew Fisher – he who supported Jon Bigger against Emily Benn. Like the way he’ attacking people like the Duke of Westminster rather than just ‘the rich. As CW has always done. Keep it personal.

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Blair may be ready to bring his heartland flock of property owning country folk back to the polls, but one corner of Britain doesn’t give a monkeys what the election outcome is. The people of Easton in Bristol have already declared their community an autonomous zone and are planning to reek havoc on the entire electoral procedure come June 7.

On May 3rd Easton was asked to go to the polls and decide who should run the inner city borough: Nobody or the Council. “Bogus as it is, May 3rd was the day the Council’s mandate ran out,” said spokeswoman Nora Nobody. “We posted ballots through 5,000 doors and have received enormous local support for ejecting all authority from the community.”

Stickers and posters declaring; ‘Nobody Cares’, ‘Nobody will make a Difference’ and ‘Nobody is the Black Candidate’ appeared on every lampost and dissused shopfront during the last month. On May 3rd, a righteous Nobody motorcade was mobbed in the streets before the ballot returned 145 votes to Nobody and five to the council. (One staunch anarchist even spoiled their paper in the vote to ban all authority.)

As the result was announced the autonomous zone of Free Easton was declared, a stirring rally was held in the Community Building and the first Easton Popular People’s Assembly was initiated – it’s first task was to give the invasive police presence waiting outside its marching orders. “Your services are no longer required,” said one elderly resident as she handed a confused looking officer a large sack. Easton Councillors John Kiely and Muriel Cole were also fired in their absence.

The following morning, anyone entering the zone was greeted by the legend ‘You are now entering Free Easton’ stencilled across the road at every entry point to the community.

“Every spoiled ballot paper is counted and the numbers are announced on polling day” said Nora Nobody. “Today was a victory, but one June 7th we’re encouraging people to go to the polls and scrawl Nobody or None of the Above, or something more offensive, across their ballot papers again.

As both the ward’s councillors were elected on less than 1500 votes (and everyone gets two votes), Nobody campaigners have calculated that if 750 ballots are spoiled then the autonomous zone is set in stone.

When the votes are counted central and local government authority in Easton will cease permanently, said Ned (another Nobody). And the community assembly can get on with the task of adressing the needs of the people. No more sham democracy. We’re taking the power back, and we encourage other communities to do the same.

An openly rattled John Kiely (Lib Dem Councillor for Easton) elected on less than a tenth of possible votes, dismissed the May 3 ballot as “a silly prank”. Though he made sure his home had police protection in case the community decided to exercise some summary justice on its would-be leaders.

Meanwhile in Eugene Oregon, America, a group of dissident anarchists (eh? – ed) are endorsing the re-election of their city’s ultra right wing Mayor, Jim Torrey. Although we don’t buy into the scam of democracy, we encourage others who believe, to vote for the greater of two evils. If not for pure comedy, at least to make it clear to all what type of Fascist system we live under.

They believe Torrey’s policies of brutal policing and corporate pandering have been instrumental in creating the city’s inevitable and beautiful anarchist backlash, and his re-election can only swell their ranks.
> Vote Nobody website


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n 1985 this was the copy of Class War that proclaimed the inner city rioters – here in Handsworth – but later in Brixton and Tottenham – to be part of the working class. The same working class that had just fought the miners strike. Black rioters and white miners had a common class identity if not a common class consciousness.
Previously the black uprising’s from St.Pauls in 1979 through the riotous 1981 and onto 1985 had been described as black or even race riots. Yes as late as 1985 ;race riots was the descrition most favoured by the media.
There are few – if any even of the participants -who would have seen a common cause – who would have joined in practical solidarity with each other.
CW did though and this cover was one of the most influential ever. and accompanied by a riot in wood green to link the two groups.

Now 35 yeas later some leftists seek to racialize the working class in direct antagonism with our 1985 position and to proclaim it’s identity as ‘the neglected white working class’
This has led them to embrace ideas which are identical to the right wing groups to which they are in supposed oppostion

If the white working class is neglected then some one else must be doing better because of it……maybe all those

And what of those in the non-white working class – what have the racialisers got to say to them who not so long ago were seen as negleced in their inner city inner city areas of deprivation.

Yesterday I came across the word ‘racialisation’ for the first time in a comment by the director of the Institute of the IRR who spike cogently on its negative effects, Theres a wordy definition of it on Wikipedia but it rings very true to me as to what’s going on with our proponents of the ‘neglected whte working class’ and how it brings the right and some leftists together

wiki ‘racialising’ definition

racialization is the process of ascribing ethnic or racial identities to a relationship, social practice, or group that did not identify itself as such.[1] Racialization or ethnicization is often borne out of the interaction of a group with a group that it dominates and ascribes identity for the purpose of continued domination. While it is often borne out of domination, the racialized and ethnicized group often gradually identifies with and even embraces the ascribed identity and thus becomes such a self ascribed group……….

I thnk this means that if you keep telling the the white working class that they are separate FROM THE REST OF THE WORKING CLASS they may start to believe you..

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