Palace nepotism got Cameron Tory job!

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‘Til the summer of 1988 Cameron had never done a day’s work in his life. He was just idling around prep school, Eton and Oxford. That summer he applied for a job with the Conservative Research Department.

Having no previous experience or shown any previous interest in politics, the odds did not look good… Even the Old School Tie might not get Snooty this job. But then a phone call was received by Tory HQ from Buckingham Palace stating, “I understand you are to see David Cameron… I am ringing to say you are about to meet a remarkable young man.”

Three weeks later Cameron – a third cousin of the queen – began work at Tory HQ. Royal nepotism had saved Snooty’s bacon! This story has been circulating amongst the Westminster gossips for some time but I can add the following…

The call was made by a royal equerry at the Palace… Equerries are royal secretarial diary keepers… Paid arselicking flunkies with an exalted view of their own importance usually given to the dullard third son of a viscount. They do not, however, act on their own initiative. So the call was authorised by a top Royal.

Secondly the call was made AFTER the interview, not before, as Snooty’s hordes of PR chums have been trying to make out in a damage limitation exercise. Tory HQ had to be informed they had seen a remarkable young man in case they hadn’t noticed… Nudge wink!

In modern Britain we can give thanks for Snooty’s remarkable ascent to the office of Prime Minister and remind ourselves that every one of us has the same opportunities to make something of ourselves. God Bless little Lord Snooty!


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