Zac Goldsmith revelations – rotten, deceitful, degenerate, lying toffs at head of Cameron’s Tories!


While he exhorts the rest of us to recycle our cabbage leaves, he is busy recycling ALICE ROTHSCHILD – just a copy of the Ecologist’s throw from the house he shares with wife SHEHEREZADE.

The union between the Rothschilds and the Goldsmiths is cemented by Zac’s brother BEN being married to Alice’s older sister Kate Rothschild. The Rothschild family is worth over £40 BILLION making their combined wealth with the Goldsmiths’ far bigger than many nation states.

ZAC THE POSH KNOB has told his wife he is discussing a POKER EVENING with Alice!!! Alice’s mother is heir to the GUINESS fortune making the disgusting effete toffs even richer. Zac sends wife SHEHERAZADE off to recycle turnips during the week at the country pile in Devon while he gambles the family fortune at ASPINALLS every night and recycles toff heiresses at the gambling tables.

Goldsmith expects to be a cabinet minister in Cameron’s government. Cameron’s toffs are degenerates in the true sense of the word – lying, amoral cheats – thinking they can preach save the planet to the rest of us while amusing each other with playing the cad. If Goldsmith wants to save the planet he could divert some of the £10 million he gambles at Aspinalls into Darfur. Could he not?

Goldsmith’s atempts to lecture the rest of us on decent behaviour have somehow lost their value.

John Major’s Back to Basics hypocrites have got nothing on this lot!

If they deceive the ones they profess to love, how will they shaft the rest of us when in power?


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