EXCLUSIVE: Osborne was also Bullingdon Club member!

After denials and lies and censorship of photos we have discovered a NEW PHOTO of THE BULLINGDON CLUB of 1992 revealing that GIDEON OSBORNE was also a member of the Club.

GIDEON FAUNTLEROY was a member while studying at Magdalene College along with more of LORD SNOOTY’S PALS. This bunch of inbreds included:

HARRY MOUNT – cousin of Lord Snooty himself .

NAT ROTHSCHILD – in line to be the 5th BARON ROTHSCHILD – heir to a £750 million fortune and set to be the richest Rothschild in history. He is ‘best friends’ with Roman Abramovich. The Tories seem to be cosying up to Abramovich in a big way. He has homes in Klosters/Paris/Moscow/London/New York and Greece and travels in his private gulfstream jet.

PETER HOLMES a COURT – son of billionaire Aussie businessman Robert Holmes a Court.

And so on and so on… Just ordinary guys hanging out with Gideon!

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One response to “EXCLUSIVE: Osborne was also Bullingdon Club member!

  1. John

    heaven help us if the tories win the general election.

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