New Toff Sensation: George Osborne is really Gideon Osborne!!

There appears to be no lengths to which the lying toffs of Lord Snooty’s Posh Boy Brigade won’t go to hide their Toff origins.

We can exclusively reveal that GEORGE OSBORNE’s real name is GIDEON OSBORNE. He’s changed it to appear ‘more ordinary’!! But GIDEON is far from ordinary. He is the eldest son and heir of baronet Sir Peter Osborne.

Like David Cameron he went to Eton and Oxford then got a non-job for two years as a freelance journalist, then got a job in Conservative Central Office Research Department and became Shadow Chancellor – without a whiff of the real world disturbing his Fauntleroy existence.

He benefits from a million pound Trust Fund from Daddy and lives in a £1 million pound mansion in Notting Hill. LETS HEAR IT FOR LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY …. Or should that be GIDEON!!!



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2 responses to “New Toff Sensation: George Osborne is really Gideon Osborne!!

  1. All this is a mirror image of the nonsense we have seen with Labour “radicals” over the years.

    Whilst it is good you go for Michael Foot (especially due to recent hagiographies) lets not forget the guru of the armchair left for 30 years – Anthony Wedgwood Benn.

    Or as he prefers to be known “man of the people Tony”, with a mug of tea in one hand and a sandwich in the other.

  2. jaygee

    @Paul Stott
    Michael Foot and Tony Benn are remembered for supporting the working classes while Gideon and his bullingdon boys will be remembered for (trying) crushing them.

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