This is truly fucking diabolical! Anyone who’s ever lived over Ladbroke Grove will have a soft spot for MEANWHILE GARDENS but here’s a leaflet I picked over there yesterday:


‘Kensington and Chelsea Council are spending£5.9 million on building works in Holland Park in the south of the borough, but they refuse to spend £2million to build new community premises in W10. Instead they want to erect £850,000 penthouses on this green space to pay for the new building.

But they are not short of money.They have £186 million in reserves and their Capital budget is a colossal £215 million. They can easily aford the money’





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  1. Darren

    Barricades in Meanwhile Gardens ….to coincide with the Toffs Out March…..lets hear some suggestions to halt the development(Petitioners,hand holders and OHM practitioners needn’t bother)…..Here’s my suggestion-where do the developers live,wot’s there home addresses,telephone numbers,wot wheels did they grease to get permission to level a public park,wot’s the rego. plate number on their cars…..lets make it personal….

  2. I have argued a few planning cases and won a few (lost Tesco, but apparently it gave them the most trouble)

    Just checked in Meanwhile Gardens and found this.

    Do you have more details on the actual planning application?

    Meanwhile Gardens ‘Site of Local importance’
    Just checked Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea Local Plan

    And Meanwhile Gardens (L6) is identified as a a Site of Local Nature Conservation Importance’ (page 16).

    Also strong recognition that Borough lacks open/ amenity space , recreation space etc etc.

    Any threat to Meanwhile Gardens can therefore be strongly challenged as a Planning Objection

    Also see

    This covers Meanwhile Gardens ‘steelband rehearsal studio’ but says No planning Applications have been submitted for this site.


  3. Some sort of flash mob guerilla gig type do?, I dunno. Happy memories of watching bands there in early 80’s. Another sign of the destruction of common, communal land for the benefit of a lot fewer and richer people.

  4. soraya boyd

    First meeting of the Meanwhile Gardens campaign, Thursday 31 May, 6.30pm, 48 Golborne Road W10, chaired by Golborne Ward Cllr Pat Mason. Contact Pat on 0207 361 2444 (or 3514 voicemail). Come and join us if you can

  5. soraya boyd

    thank you for your help with this campaign

  6. To all of the people interested in the proposed development at Meanwhile Gardens, can I suggest that you talk to the people in the know with regards to this development.

    Meanwhile Gardens is managed by a Community Association (MGCA), who’s mission statement is to improve the gardens, protect the gardens for future generations and provide opportunities for local residents including disadvantaged individuals, local school children and disabled adults and many other local people.

    All of the staff team at Meanwhile Gardens work very, very hard to ensure the protection and improvement of the gardens for the long term. We would never agree to a development which would in anyway put risk on the gardens.

    The proposal as it currently stands will lead to vastly improved facilities for the local community and will have the knock on effect of enriching the gardens, ensuring their longevity and meaning that there will be a greater range of opportunities for local people around training, education and employment within the gardens, as well as enriching the gardens biodiversity, wildlife value and visual appeal.

    A little comment about the ongoing campaign being directed by Cllr Pat Mason. Pat Mason is NOT a spokes person for the gardens and in reality the campaign which he has taken it upon himself to run is endangering the gardens longterm future more then it is protecting it. This campaign is in danger of undoing a lot of the good work being done by the staff team on the ground.

    I would very much urge anyone interested in protecting Meanwhile Gardens and helping the project to grow and evolve to contact the Senior Community Gardener (me), at Meanwhile Gardens and I can give you accurate information about the proposed development and look at ways in which you might be able to support Meanwhile Gardens.

    We are always looking for people who are passionate about the gardens and willing to help then grow, but we would prefer for people to work with us rather then against us.

    It seems that a lot of energy has be used through this campaign in quite an unproductive way, for example if the people putting up the campaign posters (which I have to spend half an hour of my day (most days) taking down) spent the same amount of time joining our volunteers maintaining the gardens, they would actually be contributing more to the protection of the gardens. In the same way if the campaign managers were to work with MGCA, rather then against the Association, I am sure that there would be no end to what could be achieved within the gardens.

    If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact the garden office of come and find me at the gardens for a chat.

    Yours sincerely

    A very frustrated Community Gardener!

  7. The save Meanwhile Gardens campaign is now online. Fill in the online petition to send Cllr’s Merrick Cockell and Nick Paget-Brown (the ‘powers that be’) an email.

    Let’s fill up their mail boxes!

  8. Arse On fire

    I’m surprised the developers havent tried to burn the gardens down -like the “accidental” fire in Camden Lock. They’ve been wanting to rip it down for ages Lots of redevelopment space there now, plenty of scope for some loverly luxury appartments….. perhaps a spanking new Foxtons?

    Do as they do, burn the developers properties.

  9. stephen conway

    dear freinds;
    an old pal of mine used to do some work of a volutary nature for the gardens,she loved the place deeply and its many uses, as do i,i wish you all well in this fight for the gardens future and indeed for the wellbeing of the staff and users,i’ll keep an eye on things now from afar,but my thoughts are with you !sc

  10. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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