Here’s the latest on the campaign courtesy of Labour councillor for  Golborne ward PAT MASON  who’s leading the fightback against the luxury penthouse plans for this much loved oasis of open space…………maybe all the bands who ever played there could get stuck in as well.

‘The council wants  to demolish the factory building used for community purposes and replace it with a new 3 storey building and car park paid for by 2 storeys of  £850,000 luxury penthouses. ,,,just whats needed in an area with no affordable housing for locals.These would obliterate the scented garden and push 300 square metres into the wildlife garden.The Metronome steel band would have to move out after 18 years.The council first ried to put housing on the site in 2000 but the plan was thrown out by a public planning enquiry. 6,000 PEOPLE OBJECTED!! Neither the council or the supine Meanwhile Gardens Community Association have asked local people if they want luxury houses built there.

This will be disastrous if allowed to happen.

A FRIENDS OF MEANWHILE GARDENS campaign group has been set up: 

The planning application is expected in the autumn. There will be campaign stalls on Golbourne Road in the coming months plus posters and a major campaign event soon.

Meanwhile Gardens is an internationally recognised green space – do you want to see luxury flats built there that sets precedents for other green spaces’.

*****I’m meeting Pat Mason on the site on May 29th so will report back then.Thanks to Alistair Livingston for advice  – I urge everyone to get involved. STOP THE NEW ENCLOSURES! 

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  1. Glad to have been of use… I have been arguing bureaucratic details with councils for 14 years now – starting with Hackney Council back in 1993 when I still lived on Hunsdon Estate. Back then it was arguing about education for my disabled son and trying to get re- housed.

    Moved back to Scotland in 1997 (after Pinki died) and had to start all over again. Took nine years to get from ‘temporary’ housing to a wheelchair accessible/ disabled flat. All the council housing had been sold off…

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