‘We used to be the salt of the earth  -now we’re the scum of the earth’…………..’The Likes of Us’

And the middle classes are finding more and more campaigning ways to keep  us out of the high streets. Campaigns for ‘independent retailers’ and against supermarkets are barely coded messages to keep working class people in search of low prices away from the area. Then there’s ‘green’ campaigns against cheap air travel – again coded as climate change oncern. Today The Observer publishes hilarious letters against BETTING SHOPS as part of its ‘NEW BLIGHT ON OUR HIGH STREETS’ CAMPAIGN.

One concerned reader writes: ‘ In Westminster around the corner from the Home Office and expensive flats a new betting shop has opened…………UNDERNEATH A DAY NURSERY’. Nudge, wink – we understand the clientele of the betting office could be a threat to the day nusery…like kerb crawlers.

Another writes from leafy ALCESTER: ‘We  already have one small betting shop in a small town  – do we need another’. There is apparently a small pocket of deprivation in Alcester and it is feared these people may flock to the new betting shop destroying the council’s plans for tourism with its 40 ‘independent retailers’. Another deplores the absence of a ‘local anti-betting shop’ campaign. Don’t worry – there’ll be another bandwagon  along in a minute.

For fuck sake – just come out with it – WORKING CLASS FUCK OFF – YOU’LL FRIGHTEN THE TOURISTS!


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  1. thebristolblogger

    Yeah. Chavscum are the new blacks – who are traditionally either selling crack or in the betting shop.

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  3. Hmm there’s been a similar campaign in South London (see:

    There was definitely an anti-working class undercurrent to this – in the Brockley campaign there were references to the ‘culturally poor’ (see post referred to for details), which needs to be exposed. Mind you I don’t see bookies as some great bastion of proletarian culture, like cash converters they are another high street means of siphoning money away from the poor.

  4. nik

    While the general point you make may be true I’ve noticed that in the inner city area I live in there has been a significant rise in the mount of bookies in the area of the last 10 years. I can count 6 within a short walk of my house.

    Gambling is all well and good if you have money to waste, but ultimatley it is a mugs game that helps keep people in poverty.

  5. ladbrokes = broke lads.

    er, isn’t betting the new banking anyway?

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