Julien Temple has revealed that he and Joe Strummer hatched a plan to found their own  kingdom ‘REBEL WESSEX’….’we were interested in trying to get a rebel state going, a bit like the Confederacy. Joe designed the flag with a skull and crossbones. He would have been the warlord chief and I would have been his adjutant’……or given their respective backgrounds Lord Lieutenant and High Sheriff might hve been more appropriate

I once had a similar conversation with Strummer  over many pints in the WARWICK CASTLE in Portobello Road. The idea was to declare the ISLE OF DOGS an independent YUPPIE FREE ZONE.  In the 1960’s a group of community activists around TED JOHNS had declared the ISLE OF DOGS independent and set up their own crossings and border posts. We got Ted Johns to support the idea and Joe was to launch independence at a riotous gig at MUDCHUTE FARM.

Chris Salewicz describes the plan in his Strummer biog ‘REDEMPTION SONG’:

‘The Class War oganisers vowed they would start a riot and burn every fucking yuppie flat to theground and playing on stage as Babylon flamed all about him would be Joe Strumer’.  Needless to say comrade DARREN RYAN ws the main organiser of the mayhem. At the last minute when all the details of the ‘Free Festival’ at Mudchute Farm had been sorted Ted Johns got a job with the Docklands Development Corporation and Mudchute withdrew  use of their site. Comrade Ryan has been cursing ever since.

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  1. Darren

    And still cursing …..

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