Will the BULLINGDON BULLIES rule over us?

Lower than vermin

Here’s the photo the Tories have tried to ban. Theres DAVID CAMERON and BORIS JOHNSON together in the BULLINGDON CLUB at OXFORD. They both got to this elite club via ETON. Now Cameron wants to be Prime Minister and Johnson Mayor of London.

Its scarcely believable that in this day the BULINGDON CLUB can rule over us. London Mayoral election is on Mayday next year. I suggest we get out on the streets and show the toffs their serfs are revolting. I WILL NOT BE FUCKING RULED BY THE BULLINGDON FUCKING CLUB!…………….and dont forget……TOFFS OUT: march on Cameron’s house Notting Hill November3rd.


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6 responses to “Will the BULLINGDON BULLIES rule over us?

  1. cj

    i’ll fucking be there!!

  2. Keith Atkinson

    Just publish the photo of Cameron et al of the Bullingdon Club with the simple question
    Is this what you really want?
    It looks like back to the future to me.
    What was my 40 years in Comprehensive education all about?
    Fear the return of the trash.

  3. bollockybill

    Never mind moaning about toffs. Do something good, go to http://www.republic.org.uk and join the campaign to get us a proper democracy.

  4. missus lydon

    my erstwhile love, Ricky Blair, was a bore on the truism that the first thing to ret rid of is the monarchy and their hangers on.

  5. bollockybill

    Once they get their hands on the reins of power and realize just how powerful they are, and how that power could evaporate if they brought in true democratic reform, they all choose to continue with the cosy arrangement that has been in place between monarchy and politicians for hundreds of years and which denies us the people the right to govern ourselves, rather than choose who will govern over us , which is what we are saddled with now. Join the struggle, go to http://www.republic.org.uk

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