DAYS OF NO HOPE: part two

 ‘One  of the reasons for the failure of the revolutionary movement is that the real life of individuals is played out on a different level than the instigators of social revolution believe’…….Wilhelm Reich

The rise of ‘celebrity’ has implications for revolutionaries that have been ignored. In the 1950s-70s your only hope of ‘bettering’ yourself outside of the daily grind if you were young and working class was marriage, football, music, or winning The Pools. Now there are multiple ways to win money  and ‘celebrity ‘ status offers an achingly hopeful  way out to millions of young people. You too could be snapped daily like Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen. There’s the multiple reality telly shows ‘my mum dresses like a tart’ offering both just enough of a sly peek into  the horrors of  working class life to make you want to move your school catchment area and local celebrity for both mum,daughter and the bloke down the boozer she’s stepping out with. Then there’s the ubiquitous ‘shag ‘n tell ‘  career opp0rtunity for both men and women – this week ‘I bedded The Proclaimers’!!But acceptable ways to celebrity have moved on apace – now you can be a ‘victim’ celebrity – ranging from a the girl at Top Shop ‘harvested’for a Man United bash and for the chosen few the opportunity to become a ‘celebrity roastee’ – ‘they said I was a great shag’. But now crime victims become celebrities – its not just the ‘no win no claim’ firms you ring now but you get Max Clifford on the phone if you’ve had some lucky misfortune. Gerry McCann appears at the Edinburgh TV festival and a casting agency in Streatham offers Madeleine look-a-likes for hire at £300 an hour.Ken Livingstone wheels out poor Damilola Taylor’s father to support his election campaign. Celebrity wife beater Stan Collymore has his own newspaper column. A pappaazzi ‘pulls’ Britney Spears – there but for the grace of god………………there are multiple opportunities besides graft to escape  now which – whether we like it or not – offers hope and excitement to millions. So collective effort to improve life is out the window ‘cos basically your in competition with every other fucker down your street for that lucky break.

So as night follows day we see the rise of the ‘Celebrity Campaigner’ . From the example set by Geldof and Bono no self-promoting celebrity can be without a portfolio of good causes and conspicuous philanthropic giving. It began with animal campaign groups like PETA but now climate change is de rigeur from Damon to Coldplay to just about everyone.Geri Halliwell is a ‘UN Ambassador for children’. Celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall run  campaigns on school dinners and battery chickens……and they fucking succeed in ways that years of campaigning by ordinary mortals have not – they have the ears and photo opportunities of those in power. And where is the working class in all this – portrayed as the losers you see on Jeremy Kyle – desperate mums poking crisps and fish’n chips through the school railings to their porky kids, resentful, ungrateful stupid pub goers in Axminster  refusing to heed Whiitingtall’s animal welfare pleas. If you’ve got a campaign – dont bother to march on the streets – thats for no hopers like Stop The war and dinosaurs like Bob Crowe in the TUC Land that time forgot. Get a celebrity – any fucking celebrity – you know it makes sense.

Robbie Williams

Robbie to go on strike?

Robbie Williams may go on strike in protest against the new owners of his record company.

STOP PRESS: Robbie’I’M RICH BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS’ Williams to go on strike to save jobs at EMI – just leave it to Robbie – Batman’ll be along to save the day later. No need for self activity now comrades!



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9 responses to “DAYS OF NO HOPE: part two

  1. clueless

    what about self promoting Anarchist bloggers?

  2. Marcus

    What about people who get themselves onto the Jonathan Ross show, or the Starkey show, or Youtube………….. aint they wannabe celebritys also?

  3. guido F

    Who can you trust in this country when it comes to making or even supporting a revolution?

    Absolutely nobody in my opinion, at least, nobody that gets themselves into the public eye using broadcast media.

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  5. snoooopz

    There used to be a lot of hope amongst anarchists once upon a time, then mister super-ego bone came along and totally destroyed anarchy in the UK just so that he could become a celebrity, and get on TV and into the papers!
    But the saddest thing about him is the fact that he is doing exactly what the establishment needs somebody to do, ie: provide a focus whereby dissenters can be identified and neutralised.
    Three cheers for bone, from the ruling class!

  6. peter andre

    Yeah, personally I think anyone who evens owns a TV should be first up against the wall.

    Oh… wait a minute! That’s holier than thou moralising which is the first thing that puts people off… how silly of me!

  7. tod

    Strange folk the English, at one end of their extreme class-structure they have the monarchy, at the other end of the spectrum are its opposition.
    Those in England that seek to destroy their class-system actually mirror exactly that which they claim to loathe.

  8. Nice to see some cages being rattled, there’s more debate here than on half the anarchist chat rooms going.

    Can I commit the cardinal sin of standing up for the wife beating Stan Collymore?

    Out of all the ex-pro’s trying to make a living talking about the game, he actually comes across as the most sussed.
    Sadly this was not enough for Radio 5, who sacked him when the papers exposed his night time dogging activities (can anyone imagine 5 Live sacking him if he had been caught cottaging?) and quickly replaced him with another air head.

    If we must have pundits, (a step down from the celebrity, but cut from the same cloth) to explain the game to us, is it too much to hope for one or two with brains?
    Or are we to be trapped with Spoony, Ian Wright and Alan Green until the end of time?

  9. clueless

    Collymore is good. Now has a regular newspaper column with the Mirror, and has been re employed by Radio 5 Live. They never really wanted to let him go, as they had/have very high hopes for him apparently.

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