You’ll recall the BERMONDSEY BY-ELECTION  of 1983 when the Lib Dems ran a virulent homophobic campaign against Labour candidate PETER TATCHELL. This resulted in the election of SIMON HUGHES.  Last year Hughes – on the verge of exposure by the tabloids -finally came out as ‘Gay’. This marks his homophobic campaign against Tatchell as especially hypocritical and Hughes offered a mumbling apology to Tatchell for his behaviour.

Simon Hughes: I am Gay, Too

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However we now find Hughes and Co. delighting in their brilliant by-election campaign of 25 years ago – So much so they are holding a celebration party:

‘Old Southwark Liberal Democrats
invite you to join us in celebrating the 25th
anniversary of the spectacular Bermondsey by-election
win in February 1983. \; We are hosting a party on
Saturday 1st March 2008 from 5.30pm at the Harris
Academy in Bermondsey. \; Tickets are £20.’

A disgusting celebration of a shameful victory – no doubt Peter Tachell will be toasting Hughes – man of principle.I hear that there may be some gatecrashers!


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  1. Trevor Bark

    These MPs are on way too much money anyway, if you include expenses it can all to easily be £300k a year…

    Gatecrash away, we should stick it to MP’s more often, at the minute they get a free ride with nobody ( or very very few) challenging them…

  2. Correction…………it was not the Lib Dems it was the Labour Party that ran the virulent homophobic campaign. You will find that Time Out has a far more balanced reflection than you.

    And you are displaying the same kind of despicable prejudice you affect to abhor, namely that Simon said he was bi not gay, and as I know all too well there as many hypocrites in the gay community when it comes to bi-sexuality as there are in the straight. So, I for one will be there on March 1st, celebrating 25 years of a rare MP who has devoted his life to the well-being of his constituents and the service of his party…………something, strangely enough, that has absolutely nothing to do with his sexuality.

  3. I hate it when history is rewritten.The (smell)at the time was Tachell was a lefty, Vietnam ozzie draft dodger , or though his age dont tally . Him being gay was just the iceing on the cake for ambitious Hughes , the libs and media milked it and milked it at the time Hughes has always been a (what word can I say that don’t insult my kids and the women I know) and he still is today.Rumor is that Tachell has” forgiven” Hughes for the past , so fuck them both.It would be nice to see Hughes reduced to tears, so if you go to the party don’t forget your mobile phone camera there’s alway’s ” you tube ” waiting ,we all like a good laugh.

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