The Mad Mullah of Canterbury  pictured with assorted loonies as they discuss stoning women and beheading infidels.


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5 responses to “WHAT A BURKHA!

  1. And lets not forget worshipping imaginary deities.

  2. sour milk

    thought that was you Ian ,at the back with a fake beard on!

  3. thorny

    Ive got a lot of sympathy with the beardy one on this – all he was talking about was accomodating some minor cultural aspects into the law, such as divorce proceedings. Nothing to do with the fire and brimstone aspects we assosciate with Sharia law.

    Never mind what we think of organised religion, I think the whole idea of making what laws we do have more flexible is progressive – a more flexible, intelligent , legal system is better than a rigid, authoritarian one. Making the law flexible might leed to all kinds of interesting legal loopholes to exploit!

    As per usual, Im far more sickened by the media and commentators who have jumped on this, reduced it to a stereotype and spat bile up the wall, than the supposed outrage I am expected to feel about the issue at hand.

    Id much rather have an intelligent limp wristed do-gooder like Capn Haddock running the church in England than any other child-fiddling, delusional, never-done-a-days-work-in-their-life, dress-wearing priest.

  4. emeka

    what a burkha indeed

  5. Tripitaka

    In response to thorny, since when were religious laws less authoritarian than those made by man?

    Rearrange the following: Your head out of arse pull your.

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