Guardian nepotism!

Check the comments out on this Guardian Travelog…………….


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11 responses to “Guardian nepotism!

  1. Greg

    Haha!! Genius comments. What a little cunt. I hope his plane crashes.

  2. PJPM

    Guardian have deleted lots of the funnier comments including this limerick by someone called ‘shoehead’ which I memorised before it was deleted. I will understand if this moderator finds it a bit too racy. No offence meant!

    There once was a cliche called Max
    Who went east to lick lots of cracks
    He was breathless astound
    By the girl’s reach around
    Till the ladyboy came on his back!

  3. And this posted by the man who encourages people to “Reach for the Stars” and stated -“We need to share in the aspirations and joys of our fellow humans not deride them with cynicism.” -just a bit fucking hypocritical there aren’t we Ian?

  4. PJPM

    It’s not rocket science! Just a very amusing Guardian blog. People can be profound and mundane. It’s what makes us human. Oh, and a sense of humour too!

  5. PJPM

    I meant to add

    Reach for the stars… and keep our feet on the ground!

  6. I was in a good mood before I saw that. I can’t explain how much people like that anger/disgust me…

  7. sly burger

    He wrote “around the globe scouring every nook and cranny for a bit of culture and enlightenment”

    So maybe a lot of “the youth” seek change, why are they not anarchists I’d like to know.

  8. Well there’s a very simple reason why young Max is not an anarchist – his dad Paul Gogarty is a senior journalist at The Guardian.

    Why would such a person believe in change?

    He’s part of the problem, not part of the solution!

  9. Anonymous

    19 and he thinks he can write a play. The very few who are genuinely talented writers at that age generally have a difficult childhood. Not what is usually associated with the child of a Guardian hack.

  10. Jozer

    Grauniad editor Alan Rushbiger’s daughter walked out of Uni’ and into a job on the paper’s website, but she had the good sense to use her mum’s surname so it wouldn’t be too obvoious.

  11. Alan Rusbridger? What, the chap who essentially sacked all investigative reporters from his paper after journalists like Laurie Flynn started digging up embarrassing evidence on ‘inappropriate influence’ in awkward places?

    Surely a man with such evidently ingrained ethical standards would never so much as entertain the possibility of exercising class and professional-social connections in order to provide nepotistic furtherment for a member of his own family, whom might not otherwise meet the expected level of skill?

    And surely no close relation of a man so sturdy in his righteousness would stray so far from such a moral code, and attempt to shamelessly exploit such a familial tie in lieu of one’s own hard-won achievements and patiently developed talents, would they?

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