This amazing photo shows a Free Wales Army soldier against the background slogan ‘FREEDOM NOT A JERRY PRINCE’ referring to attempts to invest Prince Charles as Prince of Wales in the late 60’s. CAYO EVANS had called prince Charles a ‘GERMAN OAF’ provoking much hilarity and the strange use of the very English sounding ‘Jerry’ in a Welsh nationalist campaign is bizarre.

I raise this now because I wrote about the FWA in ‘Bash the Rich’ and as a result I’m happy to report that GETHIN AP GRUFFYDDD  has been back in touch with me. Gethin is the only survivor of the three FWA members who were gaoled in swansea in 1969 and currently runs the Red Remembrancer blogspot…see side panel…having a pop at the welsh ‘CRACHACH’ as well as campaigning around radical welsh labour history. In particular for a worthwhile commemoration for the 1831 MERTHYR RISING. It’s wonderful to hear from a comrade I hadn’t heard from since the 1970s and Welsh comrades may be interested in Gethin’s plans to take on the Welsh establishment……Yet again




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  2. Sion Conlin

    I remember both cayo and dennis, both sadly missed, both true heroes. Fe Godwn Ni Eto!

  3. Muerig

    Fe Godwn Ni Eto

  4. dysart

    Keep up the struggle to drive the English oppressor from your homeland.My country will soon again be free.Your fight will take longer but it must be won for your children and grandchildren.

    Alba Gu Brath

  5. Sue Dunkley

    I think my uncle Vernon Griffiths was a member of the FWA and would like to more about him as I am researching our family tree. My grandmother was a Sarah Evans and Vernons mother was Hannah from Gwrtnewydd.
    Any info gratefully recieved thanks.

    • Dafydd y Dug

      Following Vernon’s recent death Dafydd y Dug and Gethin ab Iestyn are the only two ramaining members of the 9 FWA members who stood trial in 1969.

    • Caomhin Gruffudd

      I am Vernon Griffiths’ son.I am also researching my Family Tree.Your line is one of my Brick walls.Are you descended from William or John Dunckley?I believe William was married to Bertha? and had a son called Trevor?John was married to Gloria I believe.However these details might not be entirely
      correct they are all the things my Father could recollect.Would love to hear from you.

  6. Garmon

    Maen amser i Gymru sefyll ar draed ei hun. Rwan yw’r amser, Lloegr ir Saeson, cadw eich dwylo budr oddi ar ein gwlad NI!!! Cymru Am BYTH !

  7. Gary Lewis

    I was delighted to read about the FWA and find the struggle for a free Wales something i would like to join. I have never recongnised the English title of Prince of Wales. We need to find a Welshman to become the true Prince of Wales not the Jerry Oaf!

  8. Proudly republican, I will never recognise either Bonnie Prince Charley, or his country, Wales is illegally occupied by England, and has been since the illegal 1536 Act of Union, that was nothing but an ‘Anschluss’ of one country by another.

  9. Gary Lewis

    i dont hate the English and only feel sorry that it takes the poor and iliterate of their country to rise and celebrate St Georges day.
    Our struggle is life long or until the forigeners live our beautiful land and respect our customs and traditions.
    We are a peaceful race, but we can only take so much of their disrespect.

  10. Roy

    I was Lucky to know Cayo and coslett and Gethin, and Tony Lewis , I miss them days and would love to see WALES FREE From the english Domination of my country and its people. I still live in Cardiff and long for the days when Welshmen would stand up and be counted, But today I fear them Welshmen have long gone.
    Fe godwn ni eto! We SHALL rise again!

  11. rhys conlin

    hi i am sean conlin son and free wales army is just amazing to be in a little counrty show all the world how storng we are cayo is one of my dad friend he was just amazing preson this world will allways remember free wales army need to get more members involed and get it bigger for our counrty and show the world how boss and show england that we dont need them in this counrty kick every english preson out of wales and give the goverment some right shit and get the queen to kiss our ares take over this world free wales amry till i die rhys conlin son of sean conlin write back to me on

  12. Roy

    I have not seen Gethin or his Brother for over 40 yrs. Nice to know he is still alive. How I long for them days back again,When welshmen would stand up for Wales. Even today our miners who give there all under ground to feed there familys are now being done by the NUM. We SHOULD RISE AGAIN!

  13. dai edwards

    wales should b free of this eng/german family that has imposed itself on us and find llywellyns ancestors. cymru am byth

  14. Gary Lewis

    Im not sure to be honest about my feelings about being British. I guess i would be happy to stay under the British banner as long as it was on a equal basis. But knowing how most english have there heads stuck up their arse’s i dont see that equality could ever happen. I love my country and evry day the hatered towards the english pigs get stronger and stronger. I only hope that one day my Welsh brothers will feel the same and we can join together and fight to bring back WELSH TOTAL INDEPENDANCE!

    • You can never have equality whilst the overwhelming majority of MPs are based in England. In order to stand up for Wales they would need to stand up to Westminster and therefore stand up to England. It would be political suicide for them to do so, just like back in January where 25 of our 26 Labour MPs and all 8 of our Tory MPs voted no to devolving energy and The Crown Estate to Wales.

      Or back in 2006 when Peter Hain signed over our water to Westminster. These people who live in Wales and are meant to represent us are the ones we need to challenge.

  15. i was on the run inexile in eng ger land when the big man passed away they are no role models of j c,s character left to rally the troops that are left underground or off radar julian cayo evans will be remembered as long as the welsh/english problem which will last as long as certain people claiming to be welsh are subservient to theyre mythical feudal lords fe godwn ni eto rhyw dydd[pam nai]

  16. I have english friends across the border, and there is no reason to be vengfull against the english people (women and children common man) all I want is independence, our own army, and our own rulers. If we are going to be angry, be angry at the english polititians and athorities are trying to smuther us out. We must strike and devistating blow to thier government, and if nessisary again, and again, and again untill they under stand, we are peacefull and a good ally so england should respect us and back out our bussinuss. But let it not be a total disaster and have them hate us for ever peace out!

  17. We must learn to fight for our rights again. We have been quiet for two long. FREE WALES!!

  18. Dafydd Thomas

    It saddens me to see our proud language and culture ridiculed and how many “Welsh” (ha) students find their language a waste of time

  19. Anonymous

    Glyn Rowlands, r’wyn dal i dy garu di, bob dydd o.m mywyd. R’wyn meddwl amdanat o hyd. xxxx

  20. Ana

    Glyn Rowlands, r’wyn dal i dy garu di, bob dydd o.m mywyd. R’wyn meddwl amdanat o hyd. xxxx

  21. owainglyndwr1416

    Sian Ifans is my mothers sister ,, am i proud ? you bet your life i am proud.. I’ve a lovely photo of sian with Dennis that was taken in the mid 80’s ! Fe Godwn ni Eto !!

  22. my grand father vivian davies wos 1 of the leading members of the F.W.A he wos best mate’s with cayo and dennis. wen i wos a kid we always stayed at cayo’s with rod and dalas throe the 6 week holiday’s it wos grate fun. i wos also at dennis’s funeral as it wos 1 of his last wishes that my father anthony davies and his fore brothers my uncles were to give him the guard of honour and a honour it wos. my father still has the flag that wos draped over all of the leading F.W.A members at there funerals and it will be a honour to have it wen its past dawn to me they ar all still loved and mist R.I.P to them all

  23. Seán

    Brilliant picture! Can you tell me the origin of the photograph and whether there is any copyright on it? Might be a good picture to illustrate the FWA on Wikipedia!

  24. Anonymous

    FWA are rising as we speak

  25. Nationalism seems pretty pointless to me as nations only really relate to a particular period in history, go back far enough and England was divided into kingdoms, Wessex, Mercia etc. Go back further and a lot of islands were joined together before they drifted apart! Do you think there were Nationalistic Dinosaurs?? The Celts originated from Central Europe anyway apparently. But anyway I guess nationalism could be used as a handy tool to mobilise the masses and create a socialist state and Wales has a good history of left politics and is still sitting on loads of natural resources (coal) so has the means to fund itself. I think Wales is well placed for a revolution in these times of high unemployment and economic hardship. I’m kinda Welsh, well my grandad was Welsh and I have a pretty welsh name so reckon I could get away with it, and I quite fancy playing with an AK47 too. Viva la Revolution (or whatever that might be in Welsh).

  26. Try to get a copy of “Rebel Heart” by Dennis Coslett .It includes his courtroom speech ..

  27. Amser I ni codi eto hogia gal y suson ma allan o cymru cymru ruth ag cymru fyth

  28. Anonymous

    FWA are rising – Follow on Twitter @FreeWalesArmy

    Fe Godwn ni Eto ac Eto Yw Nawr.

  29. Miceal

    Whatever became of John Jenkins and the ones from his group?

    The movement for Welsh independence- culturally and economically- should be more alive now than ever. While its near 50 years since the FWA-MAC saga, and its leaders are sadly passing on, here’s hoping there will be some from our own time that will rise to the occasion as they did.
    Solidarrity from an Irish American- Miceal

  30. Ioan

    Adrodd! Ar gyfer dyletswydd!! Reporting for duty!!

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