Just returned from what must be the all time nadir of London Mayday celebrations. The annual trek from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square has always had its ramshackle charm if somewhat lacking in numbers….and always a rag,tag and bobtail anarchist presence. This year the Square was bedecked with full on banners of mass murderers – Stalin, Mao,Lenin and worse!- as the Turkish stalinists made up 90% of the march


Hardly any trade union banners – apart from the fucking Prison Officers Association! Someone from the stage called for Mayday to be declared a Bank Hoiday!!!!!! To cap it all four of us anarchist veterans – combined age 768- had a farcical police escort on the tube from Clerkenwell to trafalgar Square! THEY THOUGHT WE HAD A CUNNNING PLAN – NO- IT WAS JUST RHEUMATISM!

bUT DOT FORGET COMRADES – 6PM prompt tomorrow at County Hall.



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4 responses to “MAYDAY HORROR!

  1. Dogman

    ….London’s difficulty is Henley’s opportunity

  2. There are thousands of Capitalist Pigs and War Criminals pulling the strings. It’s not mass murder, it’s Class War. The victor writes history, as always.

  3. calanmai

    Mayday is a wash out these days eh? Anyone up for a Mayday event in Cardiff next year?

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