My story on Tory Turncoat millionairre – and Labour SECRETARY OF STATE FOR NORTHERN iRELAND – the creepy deeply oily SHAUN WOODWARD – has evoked a response from both aides to GEMMA GARRETT( she has aides!) and Woodward himself!  Woodward – anxious to deny he was schmoosing a rival candidate as leader Gordo is involved in a poltical life  or deathstruggle – gets an aide to contact me by way of explanation.  HE WAS IN FACT DINING WITH CILLA BLACK – and GEMMA WAS ON THE NEXT TABLE. You fucking what – what’s the leacherous toad doing with the widow CILLA BLACK?? And then a message from ‘an aide to Gemma Garrett!  Here’s the twosome explaining away their chance meeting:

“Gemma was there in The Ivy with the chairman of Miss Great Britain, and Shaun was having dinner with Cilla Black, and they just got chatting,” explains an aide to Garrett.

“He was extremely nice and told her if she needed any help up there, or if anyone was giving her any problems, she should call him. She hasn’t rung yet, but she kept his number.”

Woodward’s assistant calls to explain: really, Garrett is such a keen political animal that, as she scanned the restaurant’s celebrity clientele, she recognised Woodward and insisted on meeting him: “Shaun was having dinner with a friend at a separate table.


So the bounder – after being recognised by Miss Great Britain ( as he habitually is no doubt) – It was MISS CLEETHORPES last week – drops DAME CILLA BLACK and hotfoots it to the lovely Gemma stuffing his phone number into her hand saying ( his own aides words) ….‘IF ANYONES GIVING YOU PROBLEMS GIVE ME A RING’. What’s he gonna do? Send Johnny Adair round to put the frighteners on TAMSIN DUNWOODY?? A llamas’ head in EDWARD TIMPSON’S bed?

Meanwhile back in Crewe Labour’s losing a by-election – a lorra laughs Shaun!

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