Let’s face it – you’d be hard pressed to tie the ISLE OF MAN into the CREWE BY-ELECTION – but a posh boy twat at Tory HQ in Crewe has managed just that! Moonlighting from his Cheshire public school the gormless moron was asked to send a press release to the ‘Mancs radio stations’ – meaning nearby Manchester. Insted the little lad sent it to:

ON THE FUCKING ISLE OF MAN!!! Oh my aching sides!

He also accidently enclosed  four files containg details of voting intentions of 8,000 Crewe residents!

Inbreeding eh – you can’t beat it!


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3 responses to “ANYBODY HERE SEEN KELLY……..?

  1. This incident is very funny:)

  2. Tory

    And the chav classes don’t inbreed?

  3. Chav

    Interesting to see that the class war has been mentioned on both question time and the election special. Classic dismissal of ” it’s not where you come from but where you are going” do they really think we are that stupid? We know where they are going and it aint gonna be good for the working class. Let’s prove em wrong and bring the fucking class war to their neighbourhoods with all the anger and class hatred we can muster.

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