The Crewe result means a Tory party dominated by Eton and Oxbridge toffs will win the next election. The country won’t be governed any differently from the yoke of the serfs in medieval times – the same squirearchy in control.  Now really is the right time to join CLASS WAR in preparation for the battles ahead…….

And things are stirring. Last weekend BARNSLEY CLASS WAR  made new Yorkshire contacts at the 1 in 12 Club Bookfair in Bradford, this Saturday Class warriors from Swindon,Plymouth and Bristol are meeting up in Bristol, next weekend sees Class War at the Manchester anarchist bookfair. The London group meets again on June8th…………………If you want to get involved now’s the time…….e-mail me at:        we could certainly do with some contacts in the Midlands,Scotland, the North west. And all you retired cynics…….saddle up for the Wildbunch ride one last time before the sun sets! CLASS WAR!


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2 responses to “THE CLASS WAR: IT’S ON!

  1. wicked messenger

    Go on then, count me in. Can’t spend ALL my time digging the allotment.
    By the way, Swansea Anarchists ’68 was high point of a very good day. Plymouth Anarchists 1970 was much the same.

  2. Any chance that CW will be standing anyone in the Kensington by-election this time around (20 years after the last CW candidate), now that Boris Johnston is resigning his seat?

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