BEATRIX CAMPBELL: the witchfinder general

Bea Campbell has just written some self-justifying crap about how wonderful Ken Livingstone’s GLC was -‘without the GLC we wouldn’t have had Covent Garden’ – with its gravy train for radicals like…er..Bea Campbell. Campbell complained the miners strike was macho, the 1985 rioters were macho. the rioters in Hartcliffe in Bristol in 1992 were macho – alll in her risible bok GOLIATH. CAMPBELL spent less than a day in Hartcliffe before typing up her pre-ordained opinions. Subsequently she appeared on telly crawling around church ruins in Rochdale claiming to have found satanic covens and child abuse! Producing a burned twig as evidence! Not a shred of truth in it. Still this debacle in no way undermined Campbell’s status as some kind of leftie feminst guru and I believe she’s Goliath Professor of warlockism at the university of Northern England in Swinefleet on Ouse. Livingstone’s defeat means one less gravy train for Campbell to jump on………so expect more  opinion style defences of Red Ken in the Guardian.





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3 responses to “BEATRIX CAMPBELL: the witchfinder general

  1. She used to moan and go on and on to me on the train. Ended up having to get a later one home. Agree with every word in this post. The thing is people believe her crap because she’s got the right Guardian credentials.

  2. Thug

    Noel Redding lives!!

  3. She was on womens hour a few months ago asserting that if more women were in the British Army you would have less atrocities….. what bollocks

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