Thanks to all who have contributed long and thoughtfully – and heartfeltly – to this debate. Here’s a couple of random reflections:

1. One of the few immediately practical ideas is from Ales for some kind of  mass SHOPPING WITHOUT MONEY action – maybe organised on the net through Facebook or other networking sites or flashmobbing like the Scientology/tube drinking actions – – with free food redistribution encouraging a good turn out for a bite of a Marksy’s bagette. Other ideas from Italy’s 70s autonomist movements like CANT PAY – WONT PAY might be equaly worth looking at……with escalating utilities bills a mass burning of bills outside British Gas or some or the electricity companies might be a goer and connect with a wider than usual audience. Our traditional ways of organising for these events through laborious build up of meetings need to be ditched for the ways truckers and bikers have pulled out many more for fuel protest actions actions at 24 hours notice.

2. If you read Michael Collins book THE LIKES OF US on the decline of the white working class – ‘We used to be the salt of the earth, now we’re the scum of the earth’ – check out a fucking great book by JOE BAGEANT on the similar American experience – ‘DEER HUNTING WITH JESUS’.

3. ANONYMITY – we’ve got to get rid of our fixation with anonymity which borders on cowardice. Revolutionary movements are composed of real people – people with real names – real addresses – people not deluded they’ll be under attack from fascist goon squads as soon as they declare their identity.What is this anarchist fixation with anonymity – even the Left like the SWP aren’t  scared to reveal who they are at local level – why are we? Hardly anyone posts here under their real names – take a bow Ella/Ales/Paul Stott – and I’d like to encourage people to ditch their other identities and post under their names. There’s 101 excuses not too – but dont even bother – if we cant do that we’re hardly likely to be further emboldened are we comrades?


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  1. Shawcross

    I always knew “Ian Bone” had to be a made-up name! I bet there’s no such place as Bristol, either…

  2. fascist goon squads are the least of my worries

    the police, social services and my kids teachers are far more pressing concerns

  3. Sam

    burn the fucking gas bills! i was thinking of rasing funds for the vunerable elderly, through gigs/events or whatever…. but burning gas bills…. thats a good direction.

  4. alter ego

    visit any chatroom any forum any blog. or even myspace, facebook, youtube. people use anything but their real names. its not an anarchist thing its an internet thing. Now tell banksy to stop hiding behind anonymity.

  5. in fairness ales and ella, although some of us may know who they are, it hardly reveals their real identity

    and as alter ego says, its an internet thing, not an anarchist thing

    its also worth remembering that a lot of people who read this blog, post on indymedia etc are involved in illegal direct action at various levels and may not appreciate doing a stretch for the noble sentiment of abandoning their anonymity

  6. Tomc

    I thought your real name was Banksy!

  7. East ham Dave

    My name is Dave,I live in East Ham,London.
    Some people may have good reasons for not wanting to reveal their real names-I don’t.And I don’t think that anything discussed on this Blog is going to get you a tenner for conspiracy.
    Thank you for taking up this issue Ian.
    There’s been some good feedback,and some,well,let me put it this way;the cops don’t need to infiltrate left groups,to stultify their development and progress-some of the people involved do a fantastic job of anchoring us to fucking dead wood.
    On a positive side,there is definetly the momentum for this idea to be continued to be thrashed out,particularly if we keep stock of the real suggestions that are made(could you save them ,Ian)and as more are made,we could save them,and perhaps in the future-call a meeting over this topic.
    Thanks to everyone who took the time to think about both the position we are in,and as to whether or not we are making progress.

  8. one last thing

    the folk who rant on about the white working class often seem to be the same folk who condemn indentity politics when other ethnicities do the same

    which strikes me as a double standard

    ill go now , im only ranting here cos i cant think of anything to write about on my own blog 🙂

  9. my name is 0742, now there is no paranoia from me i just like the numbers as it is the old std code for Sheffield, burning gas bills and lefty type protest.. Shall we be serious for a moment, look pre paid metours are there to fiddle and riping of the gas and electricity is far to easy and no risk of being caught or found out if done right..

    i have done many friends this simple but kind act and if we only relised how shit works then there would be more people doing it, the reason people do not is simple it is called fear

    this how they dupe us into paying, if people do desire to know how to rip the fuckers off goto pretentiousartist.com e mail me from there and i will help, free power is to empower..

  10. John Pearson Allen

    0742) Do that for every working class pensioner and single mum and that’s OK then! Or are we just out for ourselves?(!)
    (You could’ve left a link, too)

  11. Fact, this action is breaking the law, so the paranoia and yes i would be willing to do this for whomever asks.

    Just one more thing, it is very clear that they can not disconnect in any circumstance, but you can ask them to and this then leads to some very real opportunities, say you live in a block of flats or where the street supply is distributed then all they do is remove the company head.

    From my squatting i have become apt in getting free power and gas and if people desire to know more then email worldwarfreeatriseupdot and we will talk more, i shall be circumspect in my replies to people but i will do my upmost to aid people to free power and to empower..

  12. Munchy

    I don’t post my name on the internet in general, it’s not ’cause I think my house is going to get firebombed by the NF if I do, but I don’t see why random people on the internet need to know my name. Everyone on here who actually knows me knows who I am, and that’s all that matters, really.

  13. Dixie

    Yes i use an online handle and yes i use ssh tunneling, proxys and sometimes even TOR.

    What do you have against good security practices Ian? I would like to see your argument against good security practices….

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