ALEX CALLINICOS the toff prof ‘intellectual guru’ of the SWP and REESITE loyalist has stuck the boot into his former comrade MARK STEEL in a bitchy review of Steel’s new book in the SWP’s SOCIALIST REVIEW. Replying to Steel’s political criticisms of the SWP Callinicos describes Steel as ‘sad’ and suffering ‘a mid life crisis’………remember a few months ago he was a ‘top comrade’. More sinisterly Callinicos worries about Steel’s ‘treatment of his ex-partner’. Now Steel’s relationship with his ex-partner has come under sustained fire on the Socialist unity site:

“I note that almost everyone commenting on this thread now is an SWP loyalist, and a line seesm to have emerged that Steel’s Achilles Heel is his relationship with his ex-partner.”

Because Steel mentions his split up in his book the SWP guru considers him to have opened his relationship up for public discussion…………and the crocodile tears and co-ordinated mud sliniging is only jut beginning comrades.


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  1. Dan

    Am I the only one to find this SWP trivia just the sort of introspective drivel that is a barrier to class warriors connecting with the people and issues that really matter. Should we really be mocking the afflicted – it’s a bit like stabbing kittens.

    By the way – congratulations on the Stock Exchange Recession gig

  2. Chris

    Mark Steel seems like an okay guy who grew tired of the SWP, just like the rest of the British populace. If they stopped bickering and back biting and behaved like they have any credibility, perhaps they would be more than a political non-entity. Why on Earth do the SWP waste time attacking former members, whilst the banks rape the country and millions are losing their jobs???? Wake up, help the people who need you, or for God’s sake shut up and clear off.

  3. Mark steel is more than an okay guy. A wonderful compassionate human being, trying to change things for the good. Unlike the vermin inside 10 downing street. Elizabeth ann Farrah- Atkin. A avid Mark Steel fan and supporter.

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