Behold – a nappy changer!


I’ve considered for long that the majority of anarchists in the UK today do not want social change – they just want more people to be like them… share the same diet, music,dress, way of living   from organic shopping to home schooling. On Saturday at Bristol’s Anarchist Bookfair the Class WAR stall was selling lighters with the inscription ‘Burn the rich’. One of the moral minority delivered a lecture on the dangers of lighters ‘encouraging smoking’ before being told to Fuck Off to the ‘babies dont need nappies’ workshop.The moral minority seems to have taken over the role of the church in its zealous lifestyle policing. Often this will take on a profoundly anti-scientific base. An ‘anarchist’ I was talking to the other day failed to share my happiness that cervical cancer jabs were now available to all young women. No – she sounded like the catholic church in the middle ages…… was all a government plot, vaccination was a killer……..a mumbo jumbo mix of the anti MMR jab bollocks that has so frightened the middle classes courtesy of the Daily Mail and Private Eye. Vaccination has saved billions of lives – its good news for humanity comrades! But no -anarchists can see only skullduggery – we cant bring ourselves to share good news. Science took us out of the dark ages of religion and superstition. Believing vitamin pills cure Aids is no less new age mumbo jumbo. Streptomycin saved my life when I was a toddler.Lets hear it for Sir Alexander Fleming. Organic shopping is a lifestlye choice for those where there is a food surplus – trying to inflict ‘traditional farming methods’on Africa while millions starve is not just  a self absorbed fantasy but leads to not enough food being grown to feed millions in Africa. GM crops could sort this out. There I’ve said it – Blasphemy!


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  1. With you all the way comrade. GM crops are indeed the future not organics. There I’ve said it as well!

    I was at the bookfair for a bit on Saturday and to be honest it just didn’t have anything to do with my life.

    Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with it, but I’ve got kids, a mortgage and a crap job and it just didn’t seem to be for me or about me.

  2. Fleming’s bloody penicillin nearly killed me as a young ‘un, but fortunately the tetracyline worked. I’ve had all my jabs though throughout the years, as have my kids and grandkids. I think that primitivists are as a big an enemy to us as the toffs and their middle class minions. When my old hippy primo mate wanted me to visit him and eat his dirt farm turnips by candle light, I declined, I like to see what I’m eating. Mind you, perhaps steamed turnip would look more appetising in a dim light. I’m not sure about the GM stuff though as I haven’t read enough about them, but agree with the general gist.

  3. Right on the ball as usual Ian and like the Bristol Blogger, I support GM crops. Real anarchism like science is forward looking not reactionary, as anarchists, we should support anything which is going to make human life better.

  4. The question about GM is not that it is intrinsically evil, but who owns it, how such a technology operates and who interests does it serve.

  5. ray

    Well it’s not just anarchists is it? Orwell was banging on about the number of vegetarian weirdoes in the socialist ranks years ago. I tend to agree with you Ian but am keeping an open mind re GM. Mr Jolly makes a good point.
    A lot of this is down to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We call everything into question (rightly) and then start trying to develop an anarcho-communist theory of gravity!

  6. Mr Jolly’s right. We should’ve made the argument against GM crops on concentration of power over our food grounds, not anti-technology grounds.

  7. Anonymous

    GM – the poisoning of the food chain by mega-agribusiness and the potential extermination of all life on earth. The fag-end of the ‘Revolutionary’ ‘Communist’ Party became cheerleaders for GM and Blairite ‘equal opportunities capitalism’ in all its corporate monstrosity – looks like it’s got some new comrades to join it. Has the ‘social responsibility’ of science been forgotten, or should we just accept what we’re told and have faith in the ‘white heat of technological progress’, as the original post implies? I despair…

  8. How DARE YOU slag of lifestyle anarchism?

    Harold Saxton Burr (neuro-anatomist) discovered the electro dynamic force fields of living organisms. He showed each species and subspecies of plant has its own pattern. He scientifically proved that trees show a daily rhythm, minimum in the early morning and maximum in the evening.

    Their bio electrical fields react to the phases of the moon and the solar cycle. Trees show an annual rhythm, minimum in April and maximum in September.Tree hugging is good for you.

    We are playing Nirvana – Palaghiaccio, Rome – 22 Feb 1994 and fucking good it is too.

    While we are here, i also like skip raiding, alright agreed we need to MAKE THE MIDDLE CLASS HISTORY, and like you i have no fucking time for these soap dodgers, i mean what is there problem with Carnation Street?

  9. Fag End

    Social responsibility is more about feeding those with little food in countries far away than appeasing a few sandal wearers. GM as much as you like scientists, and while you’re at it set up more hydroponic farming initiatives too, such as they have in Pakistan, North Korea and Cuba.

  10. Alessio

    Silly me, I thought the shortage of food in Africa was due to the majority of agricultural land being used for cash crops and exporting to the west. All this time it was the sandal wearers what did it.

    So where do I pick up the new issue of Living Anarchism?

  11. name here

    tbh, i think its strange that people are leaving comments calling people vegetarian weirdos, when this is a blog for and about anarchists, most of who believe quite strongly in animal rights. its not a liefstyle choice to be vegetarian, considering the amount of damage the meat industry does, also, i think the main problem with gm crops is that because they are being created in a capatalist world they will be (and have been, and are being) made so that they can get the most amount of money from the plants, not feed the most and save the world, most gm crops are made without seeds so you have to keep on buying them every season instead of collecting your own seeds. therefore, its not the fact the plants are gm its how they are being modified that should be apposed.

  12. Dora Kaplan

    Oh er Missus! Why draw the line at GM? Let’s hear some support for depleted uranium and its numerous industrial uses (glazes, aircraft ballast, false teeth etc). And what about cluster munitions and ‘pain compliance’ technology? It’s not intrinsically bad. In fact it might come in handy when soap dodging vegan twats try and take over the universe and subject us all to their dreary form of ‘non-specist’ calvinism.

  13. Andy Palmer

    Better idea, how about sending out tonnes of genetically modified soya milk powder (made and distributed by Nestles, naturally) for all those malnourished Mums with starving kids hanging off dried up nipples…

    Propably not one of your better thought out arguements Mr Bone

  14. old misery guts

    With you on this Mr B. I like to be able to make my own informed choices and decisions, based on information that is as objective as I can get it, through rational argument (obviously subject always to my own values/beliefs, often crackpot). However much they claim to the contrary, many of the green brigade and moral crusaders have a distinctly authoritarian way of behaving. A man of words and not of deeds…

  15. Whilst I actually disagree with Mr B’s view of GM, I agree with the general gist of his post. As someone quite new to anarchism, and as yet agnostic, I have felt for a long time that if anarchism really is a solution it should appeal to far more working people than it does.

    I think we sometimes see a very shrill, off-putting, narcissistic debate between anarchists about anarchists – which reminds me, again, of the church – rather than something that connects with our lives and captures our imaginations.

    Perhaps that comes from the ferocity of people’s convictions over the secondary issues, which is no bad thing, but if you really believe in changing things for everyone, you need to talk to people where they’re at, even if they’re in McDonald’s reading the Daily Mail.

  16. Mute magazine did an event recently that might be interested in that tried to move beyond the (false) choice between hi tech capitalist agriculture or zero tech labour intensive subsistence hell here:

    BB – you said the bookfair didn’t seem to be about or for you – As someone who helped with it, i can say that apart from LCAP, AF, and Wills stuff on the recession (and the IWCA one that never happened for various reasons) we got no other proposals from class struggle perspectives.

    We did our best with the publicity text and graphics to try and make them relevent to everyday concerns.

    The nappies workshop seems to be becoming symbolic for the lifestyle/class split, but there are quite a few people who engage in both, and are aware of the limitations of both on their own.

    We have a feedback form for criticisms etc, would be really good and helpful for people who went to fill it in:

    even better would be to help with the next one so it relects the concerns about it not being relevent

  17. dave

    I’m with Bone on this one. I have admiration for the luddites for their organisational skills and their fuck off attitude, but imagine farming without technological developement. A life of drudgery howing rows of turnips. No thank you.

    The problem is not gm technology, but how we are going to use it, and if it will cause more problems than it solves. The problem of who makes the most money from it will be sorted out later, probably much later.

    Will it feed more people and not leave a lasting, insurmountable problem for our future generations is the biggest question. A load of middle class enviromentalists failing to recognise how potatoes are grown in a field in Cambridgeshire aint the answer.

    Nor is being against it because some multinational apparantly controls the trademark or right to produce gm seed. They are human institutions and other humans can change these institutions. Nothing is written in stone.

  18. The problem with GM is not the far out scare stories the greens like to capitalise on but how the technology is already being used to make money

    monsanto and the like want cross-contamination to happen, then they can sue anyone whose crops are contaminated because monsanto own the patent

    the big dream of the biotech firms is that eventually all useful life will be patented – you will have to pay monsanto before you are able to grow a tomato, unless you choose to grow the bayer model

    this is why so much money is being invested in it – its likely to be one of the biggest industries on the planet over the coming century

  19. Bill Gates

    GM, unless wrestled from the pigs hands, is the slavery of our time.

  20. lucifer sam

    wheres your evidence that Gm crops will solve the looming food problem?
    There is lots of evidence that the technology is risky and may have serious enviromental or health consequences.
    we have been able to feed the planet because of oil once this goes past peak unless the world restructures there will be suffering for the poor and gm crops will not solve that , unfortunately as i wish there was a magic wand but there is not.Looking for the techno fix for a lot of todays problems is just escapism.
    I think you lot need to stop slagging off enviromentalists and listen and before vyour start I was brought up on a council estate.

  21. Sam

    “The nappies workshop seems to be becoming symbolic for the lifestyle/class split, but there are quite a few people who engage in both, and are aware of the limitations of both on their own.”

    i think the thing is people that are talking from a class perspective are talking about everything in the entire world, how environmentalism effects our class, what our class thinks of climate camp. then class perspective people can talk about something else for a change

    when the lifestylists did a demo recently in bristol they never botherd to engage with the local community in which they squated (and definatly didnt grow up in) they were happy with just getting the dreadlock brigade out and marching to another glorious squat of theirs instead of the council chamber. they were angry that there was a conflicting demo which was everything to do with local users of the area! i think their a lot of limitations i think in everything suddenly become bollocks about what you do. shopping at tescos is suddenly evil the addidas shoe you wear you should be ashamed of the coca cola you drink is the blood of columbians……. etc. I really appreciate a lot of your politics, stuffit but I think there is a bit of a difference between both.

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