thus bringing to an end the curious case of the anarchist with a half brick who was going to chuck it at the queen………or maybe not. Harold Challenor was a thuggish detective inspector operatingin Soho in the early 1960s with the legendary habit of beating up black suspects to the tune of ‘Bongo Bongo Bongo – I don’t want to leave the Congo’. challenor was allowed to get away with murder for years cos of his war hero status and a ruthlessness bordering on psychopathology. In 1963 he planted a half brick on anarchist DONALD ROOUM who was demonstrating against the visit of Queen Frederica of Greece – Rooum was gaoled. The truth came out and Challenor was charged…but was excused trial due to insanity! Donald Rooum is still an active anarchist.


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8 responses to “HAROLD CHALLENOR IS DEAD…….

  1. I think it was the King of Greece Challenor tried to fit Donald Room up for attacking.

    As an ex-SAS man and leader of many a Friday night patrol Challenor had legendary status in the Met, but fell foul of our Donald and his sharp legal team.

    They noted that if Rooum were keeping a brick in his coat, some dust or scarring of the brick would surely be found in his pocket.

    It was not………..

  2. This is a direct quote from Challenor’s own book “TANKY CHALLENOR: SAS and the Met” (1990) @ page 154 “..a detctive can’t pick and choose the type of investigation he goes on, and there was one occasion after I had helped break a very vicious ring that I visited the cells after they had been given hefty prison sentences. I told them that if they ever returned to the West End after finishing their terms, I would kill them and then assist in the investigation which would establish they were the victims of gang warfare”. Pity the obits aren’t giving this an aring.

  3. see page 154 of Challenor’s book “TANKY CHALLENOR” (1990) for a direct admisison from H C that he threatend to kill members of the public and then investigate and fit up others for that offence.

  4. Tarquin Prole-Basher III

    I like the sound of this guy. i might get in touch with guy ritchie to make a brit flick about him. just the sort of person ordinary working class people are crying out for in their crime ridden council estates. who cares if he occassionally fitted someone up, it’s not as if they were law abiding citizens he was fitting up. anyway. i might check his book out too, he had a good sense of humour too by the sound of it. thanks for the heads up.

  5. I’m amazed you haven’t read his book already – a clever dishcloth like your own good self. On the otehr hand its only been out 18 years and you are obviously a v busy dishcloth.

  6. Pat Bennett

    Tanky Challenoer was my dad’s cousin – dad used to talk about him but unfortunately – we never met him!!

  7. Ciao Pat Bennett I think you meant “fortunately” we never met him.

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