Congratulations to Tony Wood on organising a very succesful Anarchist Bookfair. Tony’s strategy of inviting speakers with popular appeal outside the anarchist movement is paying off. Meetings adressed by JOHN PILGER and Newsnight’s financial whizzo PAUL MASON were packed out. Mason showed off his  thorough knowlege of both syndicalism and the Paris Commune while Pilger had a Damascus moment declaring ‘I AM AN ANARCHIST’. Cable Street veteran MORRIS BECKMAN’S talk was rammed as was LUCIO URTUBIA’s. I’m glad to report the day was not just wholesome anarchy and that the CLASS WAR WOMENS DEATH BRIGADE engaged in a proper punch up in Angel Alley later in the evening. Top work sisters.


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  1. MunchyBrain

    @ Dave. Nobody and punch up is a bit of an exaggeration.

  2. I think the organisers did a very thorough job, and it was a good day.

    I am sorry I did not get the chance to speak to Morris Beckman, as the last time I did he was determined to finish a biography of the Londoners who fought to establish the Israeli state in the various conflicts from 1945-8.

    Hardly the most fashionable of causes (then or now) but a little bit of English working class history that may be lost if no one actually sits down and writes it………

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