Anyone who’s read NICK DAVIES excellent book FLAT EARTH NEWS will recognise today’s Observer piece by NICK DENNING and MARK TOWNSEND for exactly what it is – a knowing conduit for police disinformation from NECTU. The piece talks of plans by EARTH FIRST/EARTH LIBERATION FRONT to reduce the human population of the world by 80% by terrorism!!! Oh my aching sides. NECTU desperately talking up Earth First to justify future funding has found two more willing Observer patsies – David Rose school of state agency – to feed a total load of risible bollocks too. Mark out NICK DENNING and MARK TOWNSEND and never believe a fucking word they write – ever – and never forgive the fuckers.


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  1. David Rose

    God you are a stupid cunt, Bone.

  2. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade

    Nah, the Climate Crampers won’t start picking off humans until they’ve finished waging their war against cheese and coal πŸ™‚

  3. David, you are a charmer and a gentleman πŸ˜€

    It’s a constant wonder that you never got the Laurie Flynn treatment!

  4. TimJ

    Complain to thier reader’s editor to see how they respond:-
    Report errors or inaccuracies:
    reader @

  5. I wrote to tell them the piece was tenuous and I got this. Read as “meh whatever, come and look at our website anyway: we have adverts and need to boost our page views”.

    “Thanks for writing in.
    There is currently a blog on this on our site
    please feel free to leave comments

  6. sylvia

    Especially enjoyed the fact it trumped up Earth First! a few years too late. Apart from many other factual inaccuracies, EF! enjoyed it’s heyday in the late 90’s, and has been in steady decline: in numbers participating and in it’s activities since. EF!activity has dropped off considerably since 2005 which was probably the last time it could have been seen as any economic threat.

  7. Yes eco-direct action in the UK has got loads less people involved and so less actions than the 90s. But no, EF! has not been and gone, if you check out the quarterly EF! Action Update or the EF! Action Reports website – lots going on, some in EF! name and more so over the last year or more.

    EF! is a slogan or banner you can just use, if it suits, as a group or for an action. So it is what you make it. Check out the website for more details.

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