Responding to my simple request as to how The Observer was employing non-journalist Lieutenant NICK DENNING of the Royal Anglian Regiment to write pieces on eco-terrorism alongside their ‘environmental journalist of the year’ the Observer finally puts up senior journalist and’security expert’ DAVID ROSE to reply………’GOD BONE YOU’RE A CUNT’ he says. Rose is a longtime conduit of false information from the security services to the pages of The Observer  principally in the run up to the Iraq war where he peddled lie adter lie from the security services. His credibilty brilliantly destroyed by Nick Davies in Flat Earth News Rose has taken to writing onion up sleeve confessional pieces boo-hooing about how he was ‘misled’ but admitting endless private meetings with the security services.The Observer’s ‘left of centre’ leanings have made it the principal source of state disinformation through willing patsies like Rose who, unaccountably, remains on the payroll masquerading as a journalist. Let’s ask again ….WHY IS THE OBSERVER EMPLOYING AN ARMY INTELLIGENCE OFFICER TO WRITE MENDACIOUS PIECES ON ECO-TERRORISM? Perhaps you could get back to me david Rose – just as soon as your bosses feed you the line. GOD YOU’RE A CUNT!


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  1. g

    excellent work. if you have a chance, it would be good to get a statement on this out.

  2. A

    Good work. Any evidence that Denning is army? This particular Denning, I mean. There are a few out there.

    I see there’s this article by Townsend:

    “Nick Denning, commander of 1 Platoon, A Company, offered instant support from his position high up in a hilltop cemetery above the Helmand. To his right ran Route 611, quiet in the night. To the left, illuminated by moonlight, lay Sangin – the former Taliban stronghold often described as the most dangerous place on the planet, now under the control of the Royal Anglians.”

    But I’m a sceptical bastard!

    Townsend doesn’t appear to be completely bad: article on UK torture; another on MoD refusal to compensate.

    I remember a while back there was an article on how young journos were often targeted by the security service and SIS: fancy dinner, drinks, oh how good a journo you are and how lucky you are to have acquired me as a source, and so on… Poor Townsend might just be a victim of that?

    Also Rose doesn’t appear to be a complete bastard either: article on torture flights; another on how the security service treat informants

  3. The crucial thing with stories like this is not just finding a journalistic patsy, but placing the story in the correct publication.

    Put this sort of garbage in the Mail or the Sun, and no one will believe it. Get it in the ‘centre left’ and there is a chance.

    Why else do you think the MI5 lies about Libya and the NUM were placed in the Daily Mirror, or Martin Bright ran the cops nonsense about Mayday activists and Samurai swords, in The Observer?

    Or come to think of it why Annie Machon popped up in Martin Bright’s New Statesman a few months ago, handing Stephan Armstrong the claim that the security services ‘ran’ Class War?

  4. MunchyBrain

    Oooh, beef!

  5. Ales

    Martin Bright had a stay behind briefing with top met chiefs after their press conference on mayday – the next day the samurai story was run. This was after a misinformation story was fed to Bright from anarchists (see http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2001/apr/15/uk.greenpolitics) on April 15th. Martin Bright, from initially being sympathetic to us turned when the sumurai story went to press – we later found out that it was pressure from the mets Top Chiefs with the threat that Martin Bright may be refused information in future.

    This threat was also carried out against Roddy Mansfield, a producer working for Channel 4, who was “refused entry to a Scotland Yard press conference held by Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mike Todd”.

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  7. This is really good work Ian, a genuine discovery, fucking well done.

    You and Paul Stott are right that the key thing is placing the story in the lefty greeny papers.

    When a movement is starting to become a threat those in power need to separate the radicals from those who can be bought or scared off.

    Having a wide definition of terrorism, then mopping up anyone else as an ‘extremist’ (NETCU define that as anyone who’ll commit a criminal act for a political reason), then conflating the two terms and throwing ‘activist’ into the mix will do the job nicely.

    These people are nutters, steer clear; even if you like them, they’re liable to imprisonment and you wouldn’t want to be caught up in that would you?

  8. Good work Ian, we have been here before many a time before, impressed by your digging…just shows that mainstream journalism is mainly shouting or using ‘official’ sources and the awkward squad anarchos break the real stories…

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