Fascinating afternoon walking round the City of London with Peter Linebaugh and co in a walk arranged by Mute Magazine. Linebaugh was spot on as always and fiery with it…..’we are not afraid of ruins’ pointing to The Monument, eulogising the Gordon Rioters, Wat Tyler……….and speaking from a class perspective fired up and ready to go. Top geezer. Amidst the rabble in his trail some wicked conspiracies were being hatched…………………..After a visit to THE KINGS WARDROBE off Fleet Street where the king had hidden during the Peasants Revolt I rounded the corner to see a giant projection on to St.Pauls cathedral reading ‘ BRING DOWN ALL UNJUST GOVERNMENTS’ – its a sign comrades – its a sign I tells ye. Harken.


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  1. Ella

    Linebaugh is such a lovely, lovely man.

  2. I spoke to Linebaugh in London recently at the Historical Materialism conference, and I went to his talk. Good bloke as you say and he liked the Mayday stall, he was pointing out the great books to all. I have still got a couple of his latest books he signed kindly for me to sell.

    There is a large free ‘Taking Liberties’ display at the British Library at the minute (the campaign for civil liberties in Britain). You Londoners should have a look at it, there is a massive stack of Linebaughs new book there too.

    Also, and you will like this Ian, he has read ‘Bash the Rich’ and he laughed all the way through it:)

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