The publication of the BNP members list is a severe blow to Griffin’s strategy of recruiting swathes of UKIP members who may now well be frightened off joining.However the demands from the left/anarchists for BNP members to be sacked from their teaching jobs are ill conceived. The BNP needs to be defeated politically  by mass action – this does not include using the state to do the job for us. Our demands for the local state to attack our enemies masks only our own political marginalisation and impotence. Attempts to sack workers for their political views would inevitably rebound on the Left. Does anyone seriously believe that sacking a BNP  teacher in Dagenham at present would be a blow against fascism?  Will the predictable parachuting in of chanting SWP ‘ANTI-NAZI’ lollipops outside the local school to get a teacher sacked do anything to advance the cause of anti-fascism?  Perhaps while we’re at it we could sack BNP working classs supporters from the working class? That’d  fuck ’em. The much harder task is to defeat the BNP politically – which will not be aided by  supporting a politicaly correct elite – often highly paid quangocrats –  using the state to sack its enemies.  If we support  the sacking of workers under the farrago of politically correct laws we’ll be the first to regret it. In 1966 Roy Jenkins was bought in the Race Relations Act – the first man to be prosecuted was a black man – Michael X. People on indymedia and elsewhere are now callig for the sacking of BNP supporting nurses, doctors,librarians – remind you of anything?


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24 responses to “DON’T SACK THE BNP TEACHERS

  1. Would you be happy if you discovered that your kids were being taught by a Nazi? How would you feel if you were a refugee or black or Asian, especially? Anywhere where a Nazi is in a school, parents, teachers and local workers should be organising to have them driven out. That’s the bottom line for me. Not relying on the state, but very much saying that Nazis cannot be tolerated especially in certain professions.

    We should be aware of attempts to use legislation to prevent trade unions expelling fash.

    “Does anyone seriously believe that sacking a BNP teacher in Dagenham at present would be a blow against fascism?”

    Yes, it would be protecting our kids from Nazi scum.

  2. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade

    These sad cunts don’t want sacking – they want counselling! One poor bastard on the list, whose parents were so cruel that they named him ‘Neville’, was so tormented as a child that he ended up joining the army and then the police force!

    Brings tears to our eyes 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    If you want to protect your children from nazism I suggest you also target the Media: The Tabloids, social networking sites, Talk Sport, Google,I’m a celebrity get me out of here, the BBC, the monarchy, jacki smith…..

    Unfortunately the whole of society is teetering on the brink of mass totalitarian control by the nazi’s in control and removing a few teachers isnt gonna do much (though i suppose you have to start somewhere).

    Hoist them up and Burn the bastards.
    Smash the state control

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  5. Tricky one this isn’t it Ian?

    There is a long and disgraceful history of working-class militants, generally communists, getting the sack and being black-listed because of their political beliefs.

    This should be enough to persuade leftists not to get involved in any campaign to sack members of the BNP.

    That said, with specific regards to teachers these people won’t be getting the sack because of their political beliefs. They will be getting the sack because they are racists and being a racist is incompatible with being a teacher. If you can’t understand that basic point I don’t know what to say to you.

    Appealing to employers to sack people is a dangerous thing to do and goes hand in hand with the tactic of appealing to the state to using more powers to deal with political activists.

  6. Not as scary as the amount of people who think that racism is a legitimate response to their social concerns. For fuck sake people, you think they “don’t know any better”? How fucking patronising can you be, of course people know what the bnp are and what they stand for. You think teenagers don’t understand racism? I knew racism was wrong when i was ateenager, and when i joined in with white, asian, black and jewish kids to stop c18 youths attacking us by uniting en masse and defending ourselves where necessary. Each and every person on this list has joined a party who seek to scapegoat ethnic minorities for the problems of society. That’s the truth. Whether they beleive in using violence or the law (which becomes violence if anyone tries to resist), well, who knows that. But each person on that list is a cowardly ignorant shitehawk who will quite happily unleash the power of the state against us, our friends, our families, our communities. You want to defend their rights to work towards dragging our brothers and sisters out of their bed and ship them off to homes they’ve never known, then you’re as bad as them. Yeah, yeah, issues of consistency etc etc, but when these cunts are involved consistency is not the big issue. Stop hugging nazis, mollycoddling them as if they’re some sort of child that can’t make up it’s own mind. They have eyes and brains and that’s all you need to know that racial discrimination is a cunt’s game. Fuck ‘em.

    The bleating of the far right about the privacy of their membership list being printed, holds no fucking sympathy round here, the publishing of the list will of course give the far right some publicity and all anti racist/anti fascists should counter this and now more than ever, instead of Indymedia and others giving them a platform, a right to reply, we should understand that it goes against what we stand for to deny the right to free speech. Sometimes the right to free speech should be not given, along with the use of physical of course is one means by we defeat the far right.

    It was not a cynical attempt of publicity, when the list was published (here is a link to that list) we shall be reading and looking for known names such as Ruth Davis of Leeds, and others. Just like they have done on one of their many far right web pages, we shall be publishing their names and contact info, we would not be encouraging anyone to break the law unlike the far right have done, and lets not forget it was their members who killed S Lawrence, neither should we forget each time they’re elected – racism in any given area increases.

    It is only when we smash capitalism, that the places of urban explorations, shall become the ruins of dead cities that will lead to the working class being free, not being a member of the far right, neither does work bring liberty, we should never forget the words on the gates of Auschwitz: “Albeit Macht Frei” (Work Makes Free) who are a mixed bunch, between us we represent most of the various ‘flavours’ of anarchism; class war, anarcho-syndicalists, eco-anarchists, marxist- autonomists, stirnerites, tolstoyans, mutual-aiders, punks, etc. we meet for drinks, parties, walks, discussion (OK, fights) and activism on a (sometimes) regular basis.We don’t think that a website is ever going to change the world and we’d encourage anyone living in south yorkshire to get off their arse and get physically involved in anarchist politics.send us an email wordwarfreeatrisedotnet for more,otherwise we will see you on the streets.

    we understand that only the smashing of capitalism, will mean the working class are free, neither should we forget those who died in all wars, and understand the Pirates who took an oil tanker are heroes (more here). Each time a member of our class kills themselves, or even as it says on one of the cards we got from our last exploration…

    “An awkward man. Not for re-employment.” …we should all become that awkward man.

  7. Some of the teachers that taught me in the sixties would never have joined the BNP it would have been too leftwing for them

  8. Ales

    I agree with the sentiments of ian only to the extent of what is the best result out of this. I would argue that the majority of people on that list are the ones in their community that try and cause diversion or racialise the oppression of capitalism by blaming non-indigenous (whatever that means)people . There are also those on that list that have left because they were against racism and were drawn into the BNP on other policies like the stance on manufacturing industries and other “lefty/socialist” policies.

    If anything it shows the extent that the BNP have managed to build up their support base, that it is not black and white (no pun), and that there needs to be serious thought by anarchists and socialists in the UK to compete at their level, not only organisationally but politically. I bet we could probably when some to our side.

    It would be simple to say that the BNP are all fascists, if it were then they would be ripped to shreds by a decent working class person. What we need to do is win back all the old socialists from the BNP and leave all the filthy racists, scabs, coppers, fascists…and watch it waste away to nothing.

  9. East Ham Dave

    Well said ‘Ales’,-definetly the only way to physically and politically dismantle the BNP,is to win back the working class people who, out of desperation,have turned to them for answers.All the coppers,prison guards and middle class scum who make up their ranks can burn.
    But,as I have said before on this blog,we have to have some realistic ideas,actions & answers if we are ever going to win back the working class.
    As for supporting the state sacking people for their political views-any working class anarchists who supports this is a fool-cos they’d be fucking next…Well said Ian.

  10. Teachers are influential. It doesn’t matter if you don’t care or if you’re a swat. You listen to your teachers. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie anyone? The BNP are fucking racists and scumbags, the little things they’ll say and their attitude will affect the kids. Teachers and parents are who bring you up. I’ll be fucking disgusted if they’re not sacked. University lecturers are different. School teachers have a responsibility not to be racist, so if you fail in that responsibility off to the fucking JobCentre. This isn’t about delivering a blow to facism. This, children’s education, shouldn’t be a political issue for anarchists to flap about with, if you try to do it, like fighting facism in a political way, you won’t make a form of sense that will connect to the empiracal world. It doesn’t connect with me.

  11. Nick

    Have to agree with what Ella says. If I found out my stepkid was being taught by someone on the list I’d be straight down the school demanding action. We could be left with a white English kid and an immigrant kid getting two different educations whilst being in the same class. That’s unacceptable.

    The point is, we can’t get them sacked unless they play their cards and are overtly racist/do something sackable, as the state always seems to hammer the left harder than the right. We’d end up losing our jobs out of this possibly as well.

    It’s really a tough call in a way, as my heart wants to see the BNP teachers down the job centre, P45 in hand, but my heart knows the effect it would have on us, the left, and the kind of support that could rally for the party, getting the mainstream media like The Mail and The Sun on their side on this issue, which would only galvanise support and make more people aware, possibly getting more sympathy votes and votes from those pissed off at state influence over minority extremist parties.

    It really is a tough one as we don’t want our kids taught by racist scum, but we don’t want that scum getting centre/mid right wing sympathy and support.

  12. As far as i’m concerned i was taught by fucking Nazi’s at school, I was taught the State sanctioned version of history and economics, i was legally bullied, phisically and verbally abused by my teachers with the blessing of the system they upheld.
    i like every other pupil has had a secret file compiled on them by thier teachers from their prejudiced perspectives…..BNP teachers hmmm same old same old for me…
    ‘Smash the System and your Arse will Follow’

  13. Stew & Dumplings

    It’s very easy to take a knee jerk response, but, think… do you want you kids being taught by someone who thinks that gays should be killed? No? Well then, we’d better ban a lot of muslims, jews and christians from the classroom too.

    Also, as Ian pointed out with his Michael X example, if BNP teachers and banned, it wouldn’t be long before the precident was used to ban teachers with left wing / anarchist ideas, etc.

    In relation to their work, it doesn’t matter what people think in their heads, but rather how they behave. If BNP teachers can behave in a professional manner, then they sould not be hounded. The only way to stop fascism is to talk to other working class people and share our problems and our fears. But, DON’T fall into the trap of telling others what to think – that makes YOU the fucking nazi!

    Class war, not war within our class.

  14. Ella

    If any fucking teacher said gays needed to be killed, yeah, you’d expect them to be sacked. Not a very good example. Any teacher who was caught out associating (as being a member of the BNP would equally make you) with hateful, extremist views then they should lose their jobs and they probably would. I don’t think some people quite understand the difference between politics and hatred here. Like I tried to point out before don’t even try and muddle up a child’s education with this kind of politics.

    Also I think people need to not feel too sorry for their little English 21st Century left-wing selves. It wouldn’t be used to ban left-wing teachers. That’s ridiculous. As someone who actually has a recent history in the education system it wouldn’t wash, at all. Most people involved in these professions are.. you know… relatively intelligent- they can actually distinguish between racist and left-wing.

  15. dust

    just a small point to ‘Ella’ you kind of make my point for me i do not believe anyone should be stigmatised or bullied or even sacked for what they believe, as you write ‘extremist views’ , with ‘views’ as far as i am concerned being the main issue. We are in a terrible state of affairs in this country, and even the majority of the western world today where you can have freedom of ‘speech’,’expression’ and to believe what you want, as long as its what the ‘brainwashed’ media controlled public and ‘jump on the bandwagon’ bitpart polititions agree with. There is a lot of crap in the papers on the news which i don’t believe but people have a right in my opinion to an alternative ‘VIEW’

  16. Fascists will never be defeated politically. Fascism is the politics of extreme nationalist hate and will always be the cradle for hate-filled losers. Nazis must be marginalised from the polity and from positions of responsibility within society. I’m a teacher, and no way would I want to work in a school with a colleagues who was part of Nick Griffen’s crew. Nor would I tolerate my own children being taught by one. I say sack ’em.

  17. Liver & Bacon

    Back in the 1970’s I lived on an estate in the West Midlands. There were a few lads on the estate who were in the NF. They weren’t a problem. We all knew who they were, after all, we’d all been to school with them, and they were kept under control. They were even civil to the two Asian families on the estate. Then, the ANL came on the estate with their placards and university educated trendy leftie bollocks. It took no time at all for the entire estate – including the sons from the two Asian families strangely enough – to turn out in force to give the ANL a fucking good kicking. People were not going to have a bunch of outsiders coming onto their estate, telling them what to do. After that, the estate went pretty solidly over to the NF, and that’s when our family had to leave.

    Another little anecdote that I heard only yesterday. The Tory David Davis is from a very poor family and was brought up by his communist grandfather and his socialist, and union convener stepfather. He was turned off socialist politics when he went to university and met the trendy lefty upper and middle class socialists with their politically correct claptrap. By the time he left university he was the president of the Conservative Association.

    Actions have consequences. Sometimes, those consequences aren’t obvious. Most anarchists and those on the left still haven’t figured this out – that’s why they still haven’t bloody well gotten anywhere.

    Ella, you say “I don’t think some people quite understand the difference between politics and hatred here. Like I tried to point out before don’t even try and muddle up a child’s education with this kind of politics.” Funny, I heard that said about CW in the 1980’s. I heard it said many times that they have no real politics and are just about promoting hatred of people who were born in a different social class. I even heard this from people on the left.

    Funnily enough, Ian Bone is one of the few politicos I have any time for these days. This is because, after having had a couple of drinks and conversations with him (many years ago), I decided that he could think for himself. This is unlike a lot of other people on the left who simply trot out the party line. Sadly, this goes for many anarchists too – I used to get bloody annoyed with people who came back from CW meetings in the 80’s going “Ian says” or “R. says” (R. being another person who knows how to think for himself), and then simply parrot back other people’s theories as if they were gospel.

    And that is, simply, why the left and anarchist movements are fucked!

  18. “Another little anecdote that I heard only yesterday. The Tory David Davis is from a very poor family and was brought up by his communist grandfather and his socialist, and union convener stepfather. He was turned off socialist politics when he went to university and met the trendy lefty upper and middle class socialists with their politically correct claptrap. By the time he left university he was the president of the Conservative Association.”

    Wait up, Davis was so disgusted by the trendy lefty wankers he met at college that he thought he’d get his own back by becoming a fully fledged cunt?

    That don’t make sense. He’d have been better off taking up snooker.

  19. Dora Kaplan

    Jesus, just listen to Adamski – another pseudo Calvinist, Trot twat.

    Peronally I have some fond memories of a rather tragic, fascist teacher at my school. He was an unfortunate character – a figure of derision for staff and students alike. Interestingly he was one of the few teachers who never resorted to corporal punishment.

    He was a sort of tragic fantasist, he would turn up to geology field trips dressed like Indiana Jones and while searching for obscure fossils would deliver spontaneous lectures on colonial history and his vital role in military intelligence during World War II.

    By the time most kids in his class had graduated they had firmly associated fascism with ridiculous old farts conducting bizarre fantasy lives while tripping over rocks at Hastings!

  20. I wouldn’t aknowledge indymedia. In my experience it’s used as a platform for Swiss militant leftie thugs to boast about the musical instruments they’ve destroyed.

  21. dave

    Dora- I’m not sure, but I may be the last legally sanctioned victim of corporal punishment in a comprehensive school.

    It was a fair while ago, I was about 14, but I remember the deputy head solemnly informing me that this was the last time he could cane a child legally and it was the end of an era.

    I forget what rule I broke, I’m in my mid 30s now, but I’m sure it was trivial. Looking back, the man was a situationist.

    He was just looking for another actor to mark the passing of an era. I felt quite complimented that he chose me, we had been warned that he was looking for a victim.

    He stood me in his office office and solemly swatted my hand with his cane, very gently. He then shook my hand.

    He was an alright bloke.

  22. Andy

    If multi culturism doesnt work and we can look at a great many countries including Zimbabwe then is it being a NAZI if you oppose it?

  23. East Ham Dave

    Liver and Bacon is on the money.
    I’ve experienced something similar to this and the result is always the same-you drive people into the welcome mitts of the opposition-without even realising it.
    The patronisingly racist politics of middle class lefties-is what’s driven a wedge between the working class and some very good ideas for change.

  24. Dr Adford

    One final question to all the Lefties and fellow invaders:

    Why aren’t white people allowed to have their own countries any more?

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