The Observer has unreservedly withdrawn its eco-terrorism story written by MARK TOWNSEND nd NICK DENNING two weeks ago. I am fucking chuffed as fuck! See Observer article here:

This is a severe blow to Townsend and his security service mentor at the Observer DAVID ROSE and a humiliation for the newspaper. WHO’S A CUNT NOW ROSE? It also shows what a bit of proper investigative jounalism can achieve. Conratulations to everyone who engaged in a collective fight to get this dross withdrawn. NECTU – Go fuck yourselves! The Observer – you’re boys have taken a helluva beating! Excuse me while I dance a jig!



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  1. well done…are they keeping Rory Carroll as their Latin America correspondent


  2. David Rose

    I don’t even work for the Observer you stupid cunt Bone, I barely even know Mark Townsend, I thjink I’ve met him once, and I had nothing to do with this story or its withdrawal. I never even read it. I don’t know what the fuck it’s about. So who’s really a cunt, eh? You are a lazy obsessive fucking idiot. And a cunt.

  3. David Rose

    You never post my comments, do you, wanker. I had nothing to do with this story and don’t work for the Observer – haven’t done for almost a year. When will you withdraw your own fucking rubbish, tosser shit for brains?

  4. Journo Watch

    Is this the same David Rose who believes that Slough is a good representation of the average British town? And then calls Mr Bone a ‘cunt’.

    The same David Rose who blags free posh holidays and calls it journalism? And then calls Mr Bone ‘lazy’.

    The same David Rose who was so quick to defend Sir Ian Blair? And then calls Mr Bone a ‘wanker’.

    You’re a sniveling, sycophantic, toadying shit, Mr Rose – but we quite like your photos, maybe you should do us all a favour and stick to photography.

  5. Diderot

    And his hands would plait the bloggers entrails, For want of a rope, to strangle journos.

  6. southport drinker

    journalists are essential to a free sciety. Here we Journalists are essential to a free society. Here we have the case of a journalist being corrupted in pursuit of a good story.
    He has rightly been shown up because he’d rather take spooky bullshit on trust than cover the REAL story, which is the campaign against the protesters.
    Sadly papers are so badly funded, a news editor is under pressure to believe cheap bullshit than sign cheques to have the job done properly.

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