One of the major factors contributing to the creation of a viable  anarchist movement in London  of late has been the transformation of FREEDOM BOOKSHOP into an active hub for that movement . Now I hear that two of those responsible for this welcome change – ANDY MEINKE and DEAN TALENT – are taking over as editors of FREEDOM. This is good news indeed. For countless years Freedom has seemed to inhabit a strange parallel universe to the rest of the anarchist movement but now there’s every opportunity for it to become the paper our movement badly needs. The new team is hot at work today producing a G20 SPECIAL in time for March 28th -let’s get behind them.You can hear an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Dean Talent on my show on resonancefm on Sunday March 22nd at 6pm.



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11 responses to “FREEDOM’S GOT TALENT!

  1. This is interesting and positive news, I’ll need a few copies of this to spread….

  2. Anywhere to buy this paper in merseysie/west lancs?

  3. a bit harsh on the previous editor to complain that the paper was disconnected from the movement, when he asked countless times for any help that was coming and tried various times to get other people to take over. All the while keeping the thing going as a volunteer commuting from out of London. The biggest shame is that no one from the anarchist movement could be arsed to take it off his hands for so many years. I´ve not met Andy and Dean but I´m sure if they know the old editor I´m sure they´d give him far more credit than this…

    (am the old ed´s brother btw)

  4. southportdrinker,

    News from Nowhere bookshop in Liverpool should have it.

    Either that or I think you’d have to get a subscription.

  5. alessio

    “For countless years Freedom has seemed to inhabit a strange parallel universe to the rest of the anarchist movement ”

    I think this comment was more aimed against Freedom over the last 10-15 years (or longer) rather than the last few years. Your brother has done an excellent job in making Freedom newspaper on par journalistic with any other “good” paper. Especially design wise it is the best it has ever been.

    Whatever Andy and Dean do with the paper in the coming months and years I think it will build on the previous editors professionality, and maintain the standard of articles which were being written for it.

  6. ray

    On and off I have been reading Freedom since the late sixties. It has had it’s ups and downs all right and has frequently been criticised for not being revolutionary enough. But say what you like about the old rag it kept the ideas alive through thick and thin and deserves a nod of recognition for that. I feel a subscription renewal coming on.

  7. seth

    hear hear….

  8. Might be a good idea to have access to it on-line so’s everyone can have a read of it instead of tracking down some obscure bookshop 20 odd miles away in the hope they might have a copy in stock.
    Dont really want my name and addy on some subscription list tbh

  9. kerouac

    I picked a copy up at News From Nowhere,Bold Street,Liverpool…..

  10. Ta for the nod Jack and Alessio, I’m a bit confused by this piece because I actually offered a page in the paper to Ian with more if he could reliably fill it, and he told me he didn’t have time.

  11. alessio

    Rob, i honestly don’t think at all it was a dig at you and all the work to put into the paper but more the impression most anarchists had of Freedom and its relationship to the wider anarchist movement.


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