More shock horror anarchist rubbish from the Evening Standard today – including the fascinating fantasy that I am ‘the leader of the Whitechapel Anarchist Group!!’  No idiots – I’m a Sarf London geezer! Straying onto the manor of the Whitechapel mob would be like the Richardsons and the Krays all over again. Due respect guys – catch you in the Blind Beggar sometime – ‘if you’ve got the bottle’


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  1. The Sidney Street Column

    Bring it on old boy… as long as you don’t bring that tall fella that is…

  2. Saint Christopher

    Thought ‘the bottle’ was something you’d given up Ian? Doctor’s Orders n’all that…hoho. Anyway, hope to see ya tomorrow, Chris

  3. A

    We need to damage cctv. even if most protestors will cover we shouldn’t underestimate the lengths the cops will go to and the sheer number of cameras. the uk is the most viewed population there is. in greece they destroy cameras all the fukin time and im not even talkin about in riots/protests. i just mean when they’re walking down road and don’t like some greasy elitist cunt spying on them. SMASH THE CAMERAS. NO2ID. TAKE BACK THE STREETS. WHO’S STREETS? OUR STREETS.

  4. Banker dude

    You’re all walking stereotypes really, illiterate, unwashed and without intelligence expressing yourselves through violence.

  5. t

    On the contrary anarchists are perhaps the most diverse group around pal. You’ll find us in all races, in all places, in all faiths/religions even in all class backgrounds, ever heard of prince kropotkin?

    without education? bollocks. some anarchists even have PHDs. not that that counts for anything most take initiative to get REAL education simply in day to day life and reading and learning themselves and from others and challenging the ”knowledge” gained through a corrupt education system unlike bankers who foolishly think money equates to knowledge and could do with reading afew biblical parables even i say so myself as an atheist.

    anarchists come form all walks of life they just all agree on what to do and how to live and believe in a caring loving community where rich wankers like you aren’t around to rob the poor. YOU are the hopeless stereotype by being ignorant of anarchism and those who believe in it.

    Banker dude. EPIC FAIL. You need to go get an education and by the smell of it it’s YOU who is unwashed and is building up a sweat cos you know action will be taken against your crimes.

  6. al

    To banker dude: your opinions are stereotyped! having spent the better part of a year having to travel home thru moorgate with a load of stinking, sweaty, inbred bankers I can tell you – give me a crusty any day!


  7. JMesrine

    …said the man they could hang.
    I bet your last words will be:
    “Can you wipe my shirt?
    I don’t want to die with
    all the coke lines on my shirt”

    That’s what happens when you mess
    with us stereotypes.

  8. szjon

    to the banker dude.
    I’m no anarchist, not a communist nor a fascist. I do, however agree that it is time for revolution.
    We’ve protested, complained, elected and begged. Now it is time to drag you dogs to the street, politicians, bankers, anyone involved in the robbery that is p.f.i.

    I am highly educated, I also have a good grasp of history and economics has always been the cause of unrest. this summer will be reminiscent of the small revolution they had in France some time ago, I fear this time it will be at least all of Europe. I fear for the future of my children, I have gold, tinned food, candles and I’m trying to buy a gun.

    Do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Apathy in European politics is dead. The unwashed are coming and I believe you may rue your words above when you are having a Bollinger bottle removed from your rectum.

    People are mad, normal people, the ones you don’t hear from often. People like me. (Manager)

    Vive la revolution!

  9. voidoid

    Hey banker dude

    Your class has institutionalised expressing its violence by bankrolling working class youth to join your armies, your police forces to protect your wealth and privilege. Oh and they will bend and supsend your laws with your backing to beat the shit out of anyone who challenges them. Join the angry side dude. We’re gonna win.

  10. Most of the greatest minds in the world were anarchist/atheist/antifascist. Take for example Albert Einstein who was by all means antifascist and no doubt as I am atheist.

    Well as a student of Quantum science, Religion to us is just not reasonable enough and to easy an answer. E=Mc2 means that rather than a huge force creating us such as a God it is more probable that we were created from something unbelievably tiny.

    Energy = Mass to the power of two, Basically means the macroscopic (smaller than microscopic) creates the biggest things such as atomic bombs, Atomic bombs create unbelievable destruction yet the ultimate cause of that explosion is so tiny it is not even funny!

    A simple glass of water is enough to destroy at least a half a country according to the E=Mc2 equasion. And if it had not been precise enough then none of us would be here now as Einstein was worried that “his” bomb would suck our earth dry of the oxygen we breathe.

    I am anarchist and atheist and antifascist and on my way to college to study and get some degrees on As/A2 programming and quantum sciences.

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