About 14 months ago I went into a studio in Hackney and recorded some new stuff with Andy Martin and ‘UNIT’. There’s the new track ‘FUCK OFF GORDON BROWN’  and a 7.5 minute reading of ‘TO TRAMPS’ by Lucy Parsons and Durrutti’s famous ‘ We are not in the least afraid of ruins’ speech plus a reading of the Mansfield miners rally from Bash The Rich. UNIT added another 13 new tracks of their own and we’ve now chucked in the entire LIVING LEGENDS back catalogue ( 21 tracks from Swansea,Cardiff and Bristol) PLUS the CLASS WAR single Better Dead than Wed featuring the dulcet tones of Martin Wright. This makes for a wopping double cd of 42 tracks in all including such faves as TORY FUNERALS and THE POPE IS A DOPE.  The cd entitled CLASS WAR featuring UNIT and THE LIVING LEGENDS can be had for a cheapo tenner from Andy Martin at:

UNIT HQ    PO BOX 45885  LONDON E11 1uw


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