When he wasn’t massacring sailors of the Baltic Fleet Leon Trotsky  appears to have enjoyed a brief sideline as a movie extra. The goateed mass murderer  ironically  seems to crop up as one of a crowd of nihilists in the 1914 espionage pot-boiler’THE OFFICIAL WIFE’  He reputedly even provided the studio with a stage name, Mr Brown, for payment purposes.

Annoyingly, though, there are some who dismiss Trotsky’s film career as a fiction. According to  Winstanley director and silent cinema historian Kevin Brownlow, Trotsky did indeed spend time exiled in New York editing Russian language journal Novy Mir (New World) – but that was two years after this film was made. The extra in an oft-produced still who is the spitting image of the future revolutionary and ice-pick caddy is, he says, merely that. Print the legend, Isay. Some counter-revolutionaries even allege the existence of a silent movie with Trotsky getting a custard pie in the face……anyone want to lend me a copy?

Here’s the film:


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4 responses to “TROTSKY AS FILM EXTRA

  1. Kevin is in Bristol over the 23rd/24th for the Festival of Ideas (screenings of Digger biopic Winstanley, counterfactual Nazis-won-WW2 amateur filmmaking masterpiece It Happened Here and a couple of Abel Gance things), maybe you could swing by and throw down the gauntlet to him? 😉

  2. Anarcho North

    All the Swuppies make me fucking sick, when they say Trotsky we say ICE PICK!!!

  3. fact or friction

    i have an unproduced film script (don’t we all) where the central macguffin is Trotsky’s appearance in several short porn movies.

    coulda happened, most extras did if they were asked because the money was welcome. and many “smokers” (pornflix) were made by people “close to” big studios.

    during the silent era, luckily, cos Leon did have a squeaky voice.

  4. DoraKaplan

    I hear Trotsky also turned up in a few ‘rough trade’ porn movies as a ‘stunt dick.’ He is even rumoured to have appeared alongside the infamous Nicky Crane in a few S&M classics, including: “Party Discipline”, “Strict Cummisar,” and ‘Niet, Cumrade!”

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