J181999 – what a cracking day out that was! Ten years on we have the Government of the Dead’s zombie lurch outise Labour HQ at Millbank from 1-3pm  tomorrow by way of nodding acknowledgement to the anniversary but otherwise  nowt to celebrate the great day. On Friday will  we have any reason to be more optimistic now than we were on J19 1999? It seems to me that every decade theres an upsurge of anarchist activity for a year or so – often a new generation and often linked to music ( Crass, Levellers, repetitive beats) with a big event then unsustainably slumping back into inactivity till a new decade’s torch bearers arrive……by which time the previous decade’s activists have long gone so the re-invention process starts all over again. I reckon there’s about six decades worth of anarchists out there in most towns and cities who don’t know of each other and never mix.  From the Beatnik bohemians and Committe of 100 direct actionists of the late 50s, the old punks of the 70s  through to today. It might be a neat idea if they all got together sometime and compared notes…be a good party as well.Theres a lot  more anarchists out there in your town than you think comrades – find a way to lure them out the woodwork – maye a countrywide ‘ Meet your local anarchists day’ – you might be surprised who turns up!



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3 responses to “J18 – TEN YEARS ON

  1. Eddie

    We’ve got a small crew coming from Portsmouth again.

    I think we’ll leave the zombie clothes at home though…

  2. Christian Evans

    Well what happened to the Red and Black club? I am thinking of seizing the club and moving it to Croydon. In fact it’s a plan, I will let all and sundry know the details when I get over the anarchist inertia.

    • Eddie

      Well, that was a bit of a washout for Chris Knight.

      Initially it seemed so promising when it was advertised as ‘Overthrow the Government’ but a zombie walk was never going to attract anyone.

      The citizens arrest had promise because we were pushing it to see how far we could go but this was just badly rehearsed street theatre.

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