Tom Cullen has pointed out this video to me……….of the mighty Kronstadt Soviet!



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4 responses to “KRONSTADT VIDEO

  1. TomC

    you can see the whole version in parts here


  2. Voice of Reasonable Doubt

    Linking a BBC doc is dubious to say the least, especially on any matter regarding Communism. C’mon, surely you know better?

  3. The BBC has reported the news dubiously but tends to make good historical docs; this one lays down what happened correctly. Shocking but true. Docs are secondary sources; this link is to a primary source.

  4. Proudhon

    The clips have obviously been uploaded from someone recording from the TV, now it doesn’t take a genius to work out that when the clip shows ‘Part Two’ this documentary was not the BBC’s work, neither would they spend the money on commissioning such documentary only to let another company broadcast it.

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