It’s the LIB DEM conference (stifles yawn) and CLEGGIE is to make an electrifying speech( yawn)….. but, I kid you not comrades, the Liberals used to be fun…and dangerous to know!! In the late 60’s the YOUNG LIBERALS were known as the RED GUARDS on account of them being like proper MAOISTS and advocating CANNABIS and FREE LOVE ( not at all like Mao then) . JEREMY THORPE – who is amazingly still alive – was done for attempted murder and RINKA THE WONDR DOG was shot…….and on and on

Great Helmsman led march on Barnstaple..not Rome!

. But the real reason I have some fondnes for Thorpey was his election night victory parades through BARNSTAPLE with fiery brands and torches of tallow and him in his velveteen collared camel hair coat and trilby at the front. Just look at the weedy lot now……..they’d never dream of doing somethig half as exciting as the MARCH ON BARNSTAPLE! Fiery brands I tells thee…….and flaming hoops…….and……….GO ON CLEGGIE…..MARCH ON SOMEWHERE YOU FUCKING LIGHTWEIGHT……..or shoot a dog…….or murder Mark Oaten……..


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  1. Thorpe still alive! Astonishing- what about Norman Scott?

  2. Last heard of Normsky from this in the Independent, March 2009…(

    “Norman Scott is still very much alive, living on Dartmoor, in a house said to have been originally provided by a benefactor. Andrew Newton, however, is the case’s most curious character. He subsequently changed his name to Hann Redwin, and, in 1993, featured in a west London inquest into the death of his partner, Caroline Mayorcas, whom he had met at a west London health club. He had been her only companion when she fell 900ft to her death while climbing in the Alps. Redwin also fell, but survived. He was last heard of living in Chiswick, and engaged to a woman called Rosalieve Lowsley, described as a “wealthy company director”.

    I don’t think the Liberals ever had a truly glorious past (maybe support for the ANC?). They do rather seem to be a bunch of twats these days.

  3. Jim bartlett

    The way I heard it was that the dog was shot because it had the real story on Thorpe.

  4. TomC

    do you remember the Jeremy Thorpe scandal single. Jeremy Jeremy Woof Woof, Bang
    by Rex Barker and the Ricochets?

  5. barbara shithouse

    If Ming were alive today, he would be turning in his grave.

  6. Sadly, being a liberal means I have to tolerate you.
    I enjoy it really.
    I quite like Jeremy.
    I also remeber Peter Hain
    Do you?

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