I always thought it would be a neat idea to issue CLASS WAR MEDALS. The Poll Tax Riot would be a popular one, Battles of Lewisham and Southall, Beanfield, Orgreave, Saltley Gates, Toxteth and Brixton and other riots. Some Cable Street veterans still about and there used to be a woman – who’s name escapes me – who drank in the Tanners Hall in Stoke Newington  in the80s  who fought in Makhno’s army! I’dstart off with the CLASS WAR HENLEY REGATTA medal(1985) – names forward please!



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7 responses to “ANARCHIST MEDALS

  1. The goats of wrath.

    That would have been Leah Feldman who was a makhnovista. Went around her house once, she had portraits of nihilists all over the walls.
    What about a red and black star for serving with distinction at Wood green ?

  2. joe

    I think a better idea would be handing them out to strike vets and other class warriors.

  3. There needs to be a crate of medals delivered to the Hunt Saboteurs Association’s HQ. The only organisation who, on a weekly basis, are taking it right to the ruling class.

  4. Darren

    I agree with Rosa.
    And I agree with Big Jim.
    They deserve anarchist medals.
    As much as I would love to say there are a million working class rebels out there who have been locked up sticking two fingers to the establishment-our connection with them is minutely theoretical.
    We have lost our connection with them.
    We now tailend the left into oblivion……

  5. pat

    I once swore at a park keeper, where’s my medal?

  6. joe

    I dont think we should award people within the movement (also hunt sabbing is useless and calling for the state to ban entertainment is simply not right) for just being in the movement its ridiculous a far better idea would be to reward people who have being though hard times for the working class such as the miners , deserters or class based prison rioters not hunt sabbers.

  7. Darren

    I think class war medals is a great idea.
    Years ago,class war used to award,’class warrior’ of the month.
    This was back when we had entire wings of prisons putting up CW posters all over the place,and we had a prescence,and respect in the confrontational part of the working class.
    Joe,if we are going to hand out medals to prisoners-we have to get our fucking head around
    the fact that there ARE people inside fighting the the beast up close who just have never heard of CW.That is why,in my books,anyone from the working class who has a basic grasp of the working class code-and continues fighting,should be the first to wear a medal on their chest.I don’t care whether they call themselves anarchists or not.
    They are class warriors of the first order and deserve to be treated as such.
    And if that person who receives a medal gets it for dragging a hunter off his perch or smashes cops,prison guards,security no necks,or anti social little cunts-I don’t care-….they deserve recognition.

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