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Frantisek was a Czech ‘immigrant’ into the UK –  He was also the Battle of Britain’s number one Ace pilot with more kills accredited than any other pilot. He was deeply anti-authoritarian  and an ill disciplined pilot who had to be given a free role to ‘do his own thing’.  He clashed repeatedly with his oficers wherever he served often into fist fights.He fought for the Czech and Polish airforces, then the French  then a Polish squadron in the UK. His hatred of the Nazis left flying in exhausted states leading to his early death in a plane crash. He’s buried with little ceremony at RAF Northolt. I won’t go into Frantisek’s remarkable one man fight against Nazi Germany – but check him out on Wikipedia – fucking amazing. He was like a punk pilot – where’s the fucking film??


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  1. Me

    The Red Army Faction (for all their faults) called themselves such because the RAF bombed the Third Reich.

    During evictions of mass squats in Germany people on the barricades were emblazoned with Union Jacks for the same reason; ‘Vee love zee British… zay bombed zee Third Reich!’

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