Well congratulations to my old drinking pal in the much lamented FOX  in Easton in Bristol ALEX GORDON  on being elected President of the RMT. Alex was once a member of DAM the anarcho-syndicalist organisation and hang out with the fearsomely anti-fascist ELDAM ( we could certainly do with their return now!). How much of his syndicalist politics he retains is unclear and many anarchists will not forgive his behaviour at the ESF social forum at Alexandra Palace.  However I wish Alex luck in forging a fighting union with Comrade Crow. As I  forecast  in my last Freedom column Alex will be the first syndicalist to hold a major union office since the days of Tom Mann and AJ Cooke.  If he lives up to them or Noah Ablett we might start getting somewhere.



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  1. Squid Colestream

    I remember Alex from DAM days. He used to march like he REALLY meant it.

    • St. Paul.

      This is really good news. I was told about a year ago it was on the cards.

      Don’t now what happenen at Ally Pally but he’s a syndicalist so not particularly enamoured with London and centralisation.

      Had a few good piss-ups with him in the Fox also.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the RMT propose to the TUC the formation of a working class political party and wasn’t the RMT the first union to withdraw affiliation from ‘New’ Labour?

      If my alcohol pickled memory serves me correct the RMT voted out of New Labour then all over the media the next day they said they had expelled them.

      They expelled an organisation that was no longer affiliated to them.

      Doesn’t this Democracy thing make your head spin? Or is it just the beer?

      If we want sydicalism to succeed we’re all going to have to get jobs with multinationals and fight the beast side by side with the rest of the working class from within. Worts ‘n’ all.

      I thank you.

  2. Joe

    Be sure to invite this lot to the class war confrence!

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