March 31st this year marks the 20th anniversary of the glorious POLL TAX RIOT. To mark this occasion we’ll be organising a RIOT RE-ENACTMENT – er…oops… that should read RIOT RE-UNION….in Trafalar Square at 3pm on Wednesday 31st. The Riot showed what direct action can achieve…….remember KINNOCHIO’s famous phrase….’Rioting in the streets won’t get rid of the poll tax only the return of a Labour government will do that’ Well  KINNOCHIO … we did it and you didn’t. Coming at the start of the General election campaign we will use the rally to kick start our own campaign and relay the message of direct action as against parliamentary roadism. And we can celebrate the sheer adrenalin filled celebration of THE RIOT……..perhaps with a stroll up Charing Cross Road. There will of course be a TOMMY SHERIDAN look-a-like to denounce the riot and Thatcher’s head on a pole…….the awarding of RIOT MEDALS………ALL RIOTERS WELCOME ( unless you’re still on the run of course).



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2 responses to “POLL TAX RIOT REUNION – MARCH 31st

  1. Paul Reynell-boyd

    I teach run and organise mediale and Viking groups (teach sword and spear technique) we all so allow fighting across history (HEMA) i.e. Viking vs renaissance gent in the same vane has ultimate warrior to work in a modem riot officer would be fun and that could led to a offshoot of Riot Re-enactment sound like it could work. If your interested email me at pablodoyb@gmail.com

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