A packed meeting yesterday saw Class War groups from London,Leeds,Halifax,Bristol,Hereford,Norwich,Cambridge, Brighton and Southampton plus individuals from Freedom Press,Liberty and Solidarity,IWW,Anarchist Federation,Antifa,Camden anarchists,Croydon anarchists and Whitechapel Anarchists come together to discuss a General Election Campaign. A unanimous YES ws given to the idea of a consistent and coherent anarchist intervention which will begin on March 31st with a rally in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Poll Tax riot and ask the question ‘Which is more effective – the Ballot Box or Direct Action’. A whole number of other surprises and interventions are planned and in the month of the actual election campaign the ANARCHIST WAR CABINET will meet twice weekly to plan actions and then daily for the last week till May6th. Freedom Bookshop will act as the hub for information coming in and out at short notice. This promises to be an exciting couple of months and a follow up meeting is scheduled for February 28th. C’mon comrades – shake a fucking leg!


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  1. Dan Williams

    “A unanimous YES was given to the idea of a consistent and coherent anarchist intervention” – that agreement to take unspecified insurrectionary action must have taken all of 5 minutes – surely this is the default position?.

    What about the more challenging task of a consistent and coherent anarchist vision and platform so us proles can begin to imagine what our new life might look like and march confidently towards it?

    • nrk

      Dan, Anarchist groups don’t have a coherent ‘vision and platform’ because they’re not there to tell people how to live. The point is that YOUR vision is important and that YOU should act towards it.

  2. Mike

    What no SolFed??

  3. bravo42xrayalpha

    More communication so all of us hardcore spikey lot get the info on time so we can attend these meetings as currently i and others are still out of the loop and those still keeping us out of the loop wanna be careful otherwise we’ll show em some very effective direct action against them, of our own. They know whom they are!!!

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