One of the reasons Class War didn’t become any stronger after 1986 was that we had to spend a whole year on the defensive dealing with Searchlight’s smear campaign propagated within Anti-Fascist Action.As soon as one Searchlight allegation was rebutted another would spring up in it’s place. Eventually AFA  set up an independent inquiry into the allegations to which Searchlight produced not one jot of evidence and ClassWar was exonerated.Let me give you just one example of Searchlight’s  allegations ‘People seen on the Bash The Rich march on Hampstead – many with tattoos and skinhead haircuts and ‘ short sleeved shirts’ looked like the same kind of people who attended NF  demonstrations’!!!!! I  wrote Class War’s line by line rebuttal of Searchlight’s smear to the AFA  enquiry and the other allegations were even more ridiculous but nebulous enough to be hard to refute. Anyway the damage was done and Class War lost it’s momentum.Hardly any surprise then that now the EDL  are on the streets similar smears are used against anarchists opposing them. I refer to the smears against WAG  on the Socialist Unity site. As a helpful starter Socialist Unity’s Andy Newman sticks this comment up:

‘It is not of course unheard of for anarchists to find common ground with fascists.

Sergio Pannunzio and Filippo Corradini went so far as to join Mussolini’s fascisti and become the main ideologues of Italian fascism, while still considering themselves anarchists.’

Classic smear worthy of Gerry Gable himself. It truly is amazing that everytime fascists appear on the streets the Left smears those physically opposing them…….I’m only amazed Andy didn’t stick an analysis of Proudhon’s anti-semitism into his toxic brew. We could respond with mention of a whole heap of socialists who veered off to the right – one of whom even signed a pact with Hitler. But rueful experience shows responding to this stuff is like treading in quicksand……….you’ll never get away from it.




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  1. ashe

    Socialist Unity can’t make up their mind – in March they were describing Pannunzio and Corradini as “revolutionary marxist syndicalists”.

  2. Christian Evans

    David Rose was up to his neck in smearing Class War at the time. I will never forgive that bastard.

  3. The sad thing is that if we had a better organised anarchist media network then we could use these smears to our advantage.

    Everyday people don’t trust “the left” or “the right”, and they’re absolutely right not to do so. The real struggle isn’t between left and right ideology, it is between liberty and authority – anarchy and state-control.

    It’s natural for anarchists to side with the left on many things, not least because the right are such blatant authoritarian bastards. But history shows that the more powerful the state becomes – be it left wing or right wing – the more people will suffer. And, as the 20th Century proved, the greater the shift towards the extremes of left or right the greater the suffering.

    Why should we care what the left think? More importantly why should we nail our beautiful idea to the mast of the left’s moribund ship? Surely it’s time to emphasise our differences 😉

    The mainstream political parties aren’t stupid – they’re parasites, not morons. During the election every party promised “CHANGE” because that’s exactly what people want and need.

    But – despite the obvious sentiments of left and right wing politicos – people aren’t stupid either. There’s no evidence to show that everyday people are falling for the hackneyed rhetoric of the left or right. The fascists haven’t broken through as they’d hoped they would, largely because working class communities remain far more complicated than politicos and the media would have you believe.

    There really couldn’t be a better time to agitate for anarchism – Ian’s called for exactly that plenty of times on this blog already 😀

    But to be effective we need to agitate in working class communities and we should try as hard to distance ourselves from the left as we do to distance ourselves from the right.

    • Neither Red Front nor Reaction!

      It never ceases to amaze me the ‘anarchists’ who happily co-exist with Lefties, the Left and Right are the mirror of each other the foundation stone of their belief is STATE CONTROL.

      What is that Socialist mantra…”from the cradle to the grave” what the fuck do you think that ACTUALLY means?

  4. Internationalist

    Searchlight use “antifascism” to promote Zionism, same as the scum over at Harrys Place. Smear by association is their preferred tactic.

  5. Barnsley Bill

    He said She said rumors lies and misinformation keeps us divided and not working together, ive all ways been of the thought fuck the left, never trusted searchlight for the reasons Ian gives, this said Lancaster UAF has some good bods involved who are to be trusted, point being we could dismiss the whole left as irrelevant and many of them are, but once more they have some good bods involved who can be trusted likewise the same with anarchism uk, AFED are for myself scum, but there are some good bods involved you get the point and would you trust the working class as a whole?

  6. As a result of this post I’ve just looked at the Socialist Unity site which is the first time I’ve bothered with it since the Respect split. It was amusing reading whilst it was slagging off the SWP.

    Whilst browsing I found a personal attack on you Ian. The following is my response to Billy Bell’s comment:

    Billy Bell, what evidence do you have for your smear?

    #”Ian Bone that well known police agent racist scumbag

    Comment by Billy Bell — 17 June, 2010 @ 6:05 pm”.

    Apart from the fact that you don’t like his politics?

    Frankly, looking at some of your ’shoot them like partridges’ type comments on this blog, I don’t think I like you or your politics. I hate to think of the sort of gulags you would set up or the millions you would chearfully order to have murdered by your sectet police if you had any power.

    Note, I work and live in the country with the world’s largest muslim population.

  7. Dora Kaplan

    Newman smears to get attention. His website is funded by the GMB on the assumption he will attract a fair volume of comments and continue to support the Labour Party. Newman’s virtually a GMB full-timer – but has no mandate from the membership. Unbelievably he was elected on the alleged basis of maintaining ‘ethnic\gender balance.’

    Ignore it. He wants comments. Now that the hostility is out in the open, his little army of enablers – including even ostensibly reasonable opportunists like Derek Wall – should also be treated with extreme caution. We should let them fantasize about Tony Blair and the GDR in peace.

  8. Rob

    No sign of that authoritative history of AFA published by Freedom then I suppose??

  9. Jay Eighteen

    Searchlight has been getting away with this shit for years, their lies and smears about many people are well documented. The ones about class war made it into the pages of the Guardian, maybe in all this time we could have expected something in its pages investigating the nefarious activities of the phenomenon that is Searchlight. After all its name is still regularly mentioned in the paper, and Searchlight seems to be covered in Teflon in regards to any mainstream media.

  10. ashton overline

    It is inconceivable that an organisation that exists to label fascists ‘fascists’ is obsessed with the pursuit of the endless list and the refinement of it’s examination process. Like a revolutionary OFSTED, something jesuitical this way comes.

    This is tangential to the core of the situation where a group such as the EDL, having galvanised a genuine groundswell of popular feeling into an organised, action oriented streetforce, find their definition through shambolic but still offensive behaviour. That the jurassic left get out the sticky labels is part and parcel of this, that is their reason to live.

    Recently, I spoke at length to an EDL supporter who was primarily concerned with the decline in English food outlets and one of his mates getting badly beaten by some youths who explained that he was getting a kicking because he was in a black/asian nogo zone. If this motivates him and his mates to get together and resist what they see as ‘wrong’, the EDL will thrive marginally and be subsumed in the pathetic nationalism of bumbling Englishness and no more. If he and his mates go a step further then we will have a neat little bunch of pro-fascists and all the labelling in the world will not matter a jot.
    There is a frustration and revulsion in his behaviour which is real in a way that class hatred is not, experiences gobble up history very quickly and another good one is lost. Meanwhile Lord Snooty and his pals laugh up their sleeves as they salivate over another generation of immiserated poor sods and continue to do the right thing in the national interest.

  11. 1. Newman seems not to realize, that both Sergio Pannunzio and Filippo Corradini were revolutionary syndicalists, not anarcho-syndicalists and he doesn’t have realized, that these two currents were two distinct ones … every current of the revolutionary left had its defectors to fascism, what is different in the case of revolutionary syndicalism in Italy and France that probably the majority of the “leaders” and “thinkers” of that current became fascists (the more common way for marxists, anarchists, etc. is the one from revolutionary to social democrat)

    2.) during the last months, Newman posted at least one text from an Opus Dei member (in defence of the pope) and one from the soft fundamentalists of the MAB on his blog

    • Defending the pope eh… why does that not surprise me… Andy Newman/”Socialist Unity”… what a fucking joke…
      It has to be said that, as much as I am in agreement with anarchist ideas over the rest of the left, dissing “the left” by using Andy Newman as an example of it is a bit weak – he’s a proper straw man if you want to take down his “arguments”, but I’ve never met any other self proclaimed socialist/marxist etc. who thinks poor Gary McKinnon should be extradited to the U.S. or that the head of the world’s paedophiles is worth defending.
      I would hope that “socialist unity” is synonymous with “andy newman” and that there aren’t more than a handful of people who actually agree with him… I fucking hope so anyway!

  12. I have told Andy Newman to fuck off, a wide range of things have been annoying me about socialist unity, although I didn’t pick up on the slurs against anarchists linking them to fascists until I saw them here.

    I am pretty sure that he goes out of his way to provoke people to drive up traffic on his blog….so there is a pretty obvious solution.

    Apologies to all!

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