In my experience anarchists are some of the biggest whingers going.No one is quicker with the ‘Why don’t you do this……..why don’t you do that’ and the self affirming glee when your small efforts to do this or that do not result in the overthrow of capitalism. We do indeed  rage against the dying of the light but when someone suggests we stop the light dying…….. Tomorrow we have the chance to do something ourselve, by our own efforts, without relying on others to turn up or be scapegoats for not turning up. If we don’t get numbers tomorrow it won’t be the SWP’s fault it will be our fault – or more particularly comrades it will be your fault. We are for once not demanding others to take action but doing it ourselves. As the leaflet says:

‘On Friday 30th July, we hope to gather many hundreds of people outside the offices of the DPP. We are sick and tired of passively consuming the news, being infuriated by the lack of response. We have decided to be the response, to be the ones that will inspire many more that won’t be there with us on that day’

‘Those who talk of revolution without explicit reference to everyday life speak with a corpse in their mouths’………….Raoul Vanegeim

‘If you tolerate this then your children will be next’……Manic Street Preachers

‘But this time…….chiefly yourselves’……….Leonard Sachs




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4 responses to “CHIEFLY OURSELVES………

  1. Law Abiding Citizen (AM I FUCK)

    Response to all the fucking little whingers:

    Let me tell you something sonny, when your spirit is floating down that tunnel towards the light? You know what’s behind the light? It’S not God, it’s me and I’m gonna kick your ponsy soul all the way back down that tunnel till you choke on your own fucked up ribs…..NOW WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

  2. Will be there with bells on.

  3. pc gibbon-the long arm of the law

    and so after geat effort and declamation, it maybe a gathering of poltrooms, footpads, and quirks..or, it may the burgeanence of a better day where all will gather and blast the larum and cry…am I off my fuckin’ head!

    give ’em hell!!!

  4. Dont have the £120 lying around to get there I’m afraid, or I would have been there. We’re doing our bit for calling the police to account up North though, rest assured. Good luck to all those attending.

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