I   am now the proud possessor of a Czechoslovakian JAROSLV HASEK stamp kindly sent to me by some BRHG  comrades. Cheers. It now goes with my Hasek fridge magnet  and Hasek beer mat ( highly apprporiate). I’ve been contemplating what other anarchists (and Hasek certainly was an anarchist when it suited his devilry) are on stamps. I have one incredible Tristan Da Cunha stamp depicting the Siege of Sidney Street!! What relevance to Tristan you doubtless ponder? Well they were issued as a set of 4 Churchill commemorative stamps to celebrate some anniversary or other.Since stamps are not needed on Tristan they were just a revenue raiser for the Colonial Office. On a  tangental subject someone told me the Czech Legion issued stamps in their journey across revolutionary Russia?? Any ideas? For that matter can anyone reccomend a book on the Czech Legion?



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