The Boulting brothers are famous for the  gentle English satirical films they made in the 50’s and 60’s. Imagine my surprise when I  discovereed that JOHN BOULTING  was a volunteer ambulance driver for the Republican side in Barcelona in 1937. Here’s the photo to prove it: John Boulting second from left.



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3 responses to “CARRY ON BARCELONA!

  1. Tony

    always makes me smile thinking of Vidal Sassoon being a member of the 43 Group

  2. I recommend the Boulting Brothers’ “Seven Days to Noon” from 1950: not gentle, not a comedy. but a thriller about a Nuclear Scientist gone AWOL with a ‘Nuke in a Suitcase’, threatening to explode it in London. It’s on DVD, well worth a look…

  3. butchersapron

    He also wrote the anti-working class filth of I’m all right Jack, that rebounded on him. The dastard.

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