The Guardian has been doing a live feed on it’s website of Climate Camp’s ‘DAY OF ACTION’ in Edinburgh just as it did for Glastonbury which it also sponsors. There’s not much for them to report – five protestors here, another seven there – pouring vegetable oil on the roads( no me neither mate). Nowhere near the expected or past numbers. Most people think it’s a festival fringe event. No wonder.It’s difficult to see any way forward for Climate Camp now.

Climate Camp art activists cause 'oil' spill outside Cairn Energy Climate Camp art activists cause ‘oil’ spill outside Cairn Energy Photogr



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9 responses to “CLIMATE CAMP – THE END OF DAYS

  1. Class War Unit 161

    If it’s going to be anything like it was over on Blackheath where some ponsy little prick threatened to smash up the rig used by the Waggers, or those ponsy twats who let the cops into the site, they can fuck right off.

    What was all that fencing the whole place in for? If you fence yourselves in your basically inprisoning everyone & if you like prison, give Belmarsh a go you middle class camping mummies boys n girl muppets.

    Blackheath just like Greenwich Park is an open space for everyone to use, maintained & paid for so if any fencing goes up, out come the wire cutters & plenty of working class action.

    No War like a Class War….now jog on.

  2. guy

    They fucked up with the timing i reckon. All the little radicals are too busy going round the festival circuit and being hedonistic to care about politics. When festival season is over they’ll remember that they’re far superior to the rest of us and be straight back into the righteous cause.

    Pointless twats, the lot of em.

    • Highway Guy

      Pretty shit generalisation, mate. The core of the Camp originally, and still is, comprised out of a variety of EF!ers and other green anarchos- hardly the middle class fuddy duddies you seem to presume.
      Anyway, surely putting it on during festival time would be preferable to you, as those very ‘little radicals’ you detest will be elsewhere, leaving it to the more dedicated?
      Also, what’s up with hedonism? If you ain’t having fun hardly gonna stick it, are you?
      Read the write up on CC on the Camb anarcho blog for a decent write up on last years Camp.

      • guy

        Wasn’t having a go at the climate camp mate, rather that for many it seems ( to me ) to be a jolly without the political ideologies or dermination of the core camp values.


      • Highway Guy

        Yeah, I understand your problems with it, hell I agree with much of it myself. It just grates when you get aload of heckling from the sidelines from people who do far less than alot of the campers. I’m not grouping you with them but that’s generally seems to be the case. Sorry if I came over abit brash!

  3. malaprop

    I like the idea of public honey though

  4. Miserable bugger!

    How’s about the scuppering of Fatman Sully & his catamites from Met FIT?

    Via FITwatch –

  5. seth

    300+ white overalled (ala- wombles/gm activism) attempted to storm the building (Sunday) pre-empting the mass planned day of action. Armed with sledgehammers they were able to put in the windows but were unable to occupy the building as the police forced them back over a bridge that divided the camp from RBS headquaters. Coppers were injured as were two c.campers (one with a broken leg).
    The following day (mass day of action) in my estimation was a bit of a damp squid. Although seeing a 30ft seige tower rolled across site by 200 people and the deploymnent of catapults that shot ‘tar and oil’ allover the building was worth the cost of going to Edinburgh alone. Some photos can be viewed at climate camps website.Im sure their will be more to follow.

  6. Puritanical Miserable Old Fart

    It is very important that when people take part in actions, they MUST ENSURE THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE FUN!!!!!

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