FEB’s insignia

The Brazilian Expeditionary Force (in portuguese: Força Expedicionaria Brasileira)

This has to be my favourite military insignia of WW2. It’s so unwarlike it looks more like Hissing Sid.Brazil declared war on Germany in 1942  and the 27,000 strong BEF fought with the Allies in Italy from 1944. The smoking snake emblem was adopted because it had been said in Brazil that a snake was more likely to smoke than Brazil enter the war! The BEF was the only racially unsegregated unit to fight in Europe.



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  1. Lowestoft's Finest

    That’s weird becouse in the Lowestoft War Museum there is a WWII German MG34 Light Machine Gun with the Portuguese army coat of arms stamped on it, which has always been thought to indicate a less than neutral stance in favour of the axis powers by the Portugal.

    Surely the Red army wasn’t racialy segregated either? even if you look at a photo of a single tank crew you can see obvious different races all in the same tank.

    • scherben

      Depends if you take into account Stalin’s insane urges?

      (ie. the deportation of every chechen)

      • Lowestoft's Finest

        Wouldn’t that be nationalist though not racist? Chechens and Georgians like Stalin are both Indo European type peoples from the Caucases.

        Race is not the same in Eastern Europe where peoples race often came down to being classed by their religion not what their features look like as most families are mixed up so two brothers could have different racial features, take Borris Yeltsin what race would you have classed him as especialy as his features changed as he got older? and becouse many peoples dealt in slave trading such as Crimean Tartars taking thousands of Slav people to sell as slaves over their history many ended up intermarrying and looking identical to the Slavs they dealt in. As many nations there are often decended just on the male side from groups that split from the main group and rode off to take brides wheir ever they settled it never matterd what race they might be.

        Over History race seems to be more of a western obsession than an eastern one.

    • Anonymous

      What does Portugal have to do w/ Brazil during WWII?

      • Lowestoft's Finest


        What did Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc have to do with Britain in WWII?

        No doubt with your logic you are astounded that they came in on the same side?

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